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I don’t want to moderate your comments. Your views, as far as I’m concerned, are as important as anybody else’s, including mine. That’s why I have chosen not to remove – or reply to – any of the comments attacking me.

But, I cannot, and will not, allow personal attacks on any other person. These I will remove immediately (I’ve already removed a couple of comments on the PM). Also, every reference to His Majesty the King will be monitored – “…His person is sacrosanct” (Article 2.15 of our Constitution).

That said, I’m not a journalist. So I will ask BICMA for a quick lesson on defamation, libel and slander.

Meanwhile, keep your comments coming.


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  1. here’s a comment not attacking you. Besides doing a good job as opposition leader – you’re quite the photographer. Not bad at all.

  2. my only comment was to accuse you of driving a wedge between the King and the PM and you deleted it. Now I know how fair you are.

  3. oh yes, I asked how low you’d stoop for political mileage and that the PM was not only the most loyal but also the most capable of serving HM and Country and you deleted that.

    credibility, credibility, credibility!

  4. Opinionated Bhutanese says

    I congratulate you for opening this blog. This is a good way to interact with the people and to get honest feedback on various issues. This is especially important for a closed society like ours where critical thinking and debates are not our usual. So good job!

  5. the new PM of Thailand get at least 100 hate calls a day according to “The Nation” Thai Newspaper, and he makes effort to receive each call and try to respond as polite as possible.and when he couldn’t his aide answers for him and he does the same. so i guess honorable OL should do this too instead of deleting the comments and not replying them.
    maybe that’s how you can earn credibility as a leader of not only opposition but also of the country.
    i like reading your blog and i have announced on various forums about it and i guess i made some contribution by sending people to your blog.i am just happy.but i am a DPT supporter.
    my tashi delek to you. la

  6. Be Honest to yourself and use ur Toby Head!

  7. I have commented on the encroachment of the Royal prerogative by some elected politicians and you have deleted it. Why are politicians distributing the sacred centenery souvenir coins to selected party workers? Aren’t they crossing the limit.

  8. I like reading your articles…..and now I know how you got your nick….tell me you secret of your ever green look hehe…I saw you the same 10 years ago and today also you look te same while I am growing old…

  9. iam sorry but your “comment on comments” was just a little too hard to digest.
    why do u even bother posting such a topic? to me it seems the only person who makes any personnel attacks to the PM is you and you are saying you actually removed some posts that had negative comments.your topics all invite negative posts and are very manipulative. when people make any positive comments about the PM, you don’t post them. what do u take us for?
    consider this: hypocrisy


    check this blog on internet libel

    as you’ve chosen to host your site outside bhutan, the rules applying to BICMA will have almost no relation to your site

    Note carefully the issue of a blogger/readers ‘opinion’ which may be construed as defamatory etc

    But the whole point of a blog, hosted in another country is to encourage freedom of expression. Comments which the majority of readers will know are rubbish will not be responded to by others- check Kuensel Forum for examples

    As Anonymous of Jan 6, 5:17 said, how do we know you are not deleting other valid comments also? the slide down the slippery slope has begun

    sorry to see that

  11. Your Honourable,

    It is pleasure to see your blog after i read Bhutan times…..
    i could say you are creative and innovative to come up with such process of interaction with different people in any matters….. well done!! gentle man……

    i have a comment on your doubt on having a trek…..
    Dont worry as you can complete the trek but i think you as a politician, you wont get time. snow men trek is 29 days trek for tourist, which means a month…. so will you be able to manage the time of one month…..

    second thing about the photo on Btimes page… its taken in Haa.
    it is true that it is in the western part of the country only.

    well, i am sorry if my comments are of any distrbance to your honourable la.

  12. Tshering Tobgay says

    Phub: thanks for your comments. no need to apologise. there was nothing disturbing.

    You were right about the picture being taken in Haa. Please see the comments on “Not much to cover”

  13. This is very good analysis. Such information are not access to the public. Actually, Public does not know how much is the total amount for each minister and others get in a month, in a year and in five years time. When I look at it, it is alarming, isn’t it? and how can the Five Year Plan can develop Geogs and people in the geogs.

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