He's funny too

He's funny too

In Big Picture – 3, many of you guessed that the sound was that of a bird, a cuckoo. Many others, however, chose to focus on the landscape and guessed, correctly, that the trees – the willows and pine – were in Taba, below my parents’ house. And one reader, a philosopher, saw the tranquility of weeping willows and pine trees coexisting peacefully, and suggested subtly that our political landscape needed more harmony.

We do have a winner. It’s “ps” who wrote: “I think its some kid pretending be a cuckoo!” To claim your prize, please email me your address.

The person making the sound was Leki, a ventriloquist and a comedian. He’s 27 years old, so he’s technically not a “kid”. But, he’s full of fun. And, he can make us all feel younger.

Leki, who is from Jala Rubisa in Wangduephodrang, went to school at Gaselo. He walked every day, to and from school, which was located on the other side of a forest. In the forest, he imitated bird calls. He says that during those days he could make at least 20 different bird calls.

After primary school, Leki became a monk. After that he became a soldier. And, now he’s a budding entrepreneur. He plans to open a club. There, you’ll be able to enjoy Bhutanese song and dance and comedy.

And now, here’s Leki!


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  1. Never even guessed it was him….I did know about him…he also sings in various bhutanese singers voice..

  2. I am amused 🙂 He’s good… Where’s Phurba Thinley these days? I miss his comedies.

  3. 😀 funny. he is truly gifted.

  4. I remember his “pharzhi” statement as Samtse Gup…he is jocular!

  5. Lam Kezang says

    Dear Leki,
    I want to discuss with you a friendly matter. Your Tashi Cell number given to me last time claims not exist. Please give a miss call at 17113825 or 77205204 at the soonest possible.
    Thank you

  6. Hi
    I am very glad to see you on Druk super star,, so i love the way you acts…. even the way you specks…..
    keep it up!!!!

  7. I hope you will be the super star of the year!!

  8. Yangka Chojay says

    I like this man….and my wishes and hopes are fulfilled after getting first prize in DRUK SUPER STAR…congratulation to you Leki…….! may all your dream comes true and god bless you in every step you …………….!!!!

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