More dogwood

Blooming in Motithang

Blooming in Motithang

Blooming dogwood prompted Tongyal to visit the Clock Tower Square and spend a good half an hour among the dogwood trees. Since Tongyal enjoyed the experience so much, I’m posting another picture – this one shows a blooming dogwood at the Motithang Hotel.

Thimphu has a few other good dogwood spots. Some of them are old. All, at this time of the year, are quite beautiful.  I invite our readers, and especailly Tongyal, to look for them and send me the photographs.


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  1. Chi Nyi Sum says

    Great project. Maybe one day Thimphu will have a Dogwood Festival (google “Dogwood Festival” for other cities that hold such events).
    Anyway, there are four beautiful dogwood trees in the Rigpey Jungney school in kalabazaar. You can see them from the road. Stunning.

  2. Thank you la. I shall do that.

    My hobby is bird watching and I am mesmerized by the fascinating number of beautiful birds in this country. Imagine more than 740 species of birds in Bhutan alone whislt the whole of North America has not more than 800.

    I am also now trying to take interest in the Bhutanese vegetation. You ask any Bhutanese and they will just say it’s a land covered with mountains and trees. But not many (including myself) can tell what kind of trees or vegetation.We cannot possibly excite care and affection and prompt environmental conservation without identifying and enjoying the beauty of nature.
    Thank you once again for bringing us closer to our nature’s gift. A must for every true Bhutanese to understand their flora and faunal essence.

  3. Dogwood blessings abound… the uncovered drain near the lower police gate is completely and nicely covered now. Kudo’s to this blog or Kudo’s to who ever did it…I guess it is the city corp or could it be the cops. Don’t know but the job is done. So far so gooooooooooood.

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