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Welcome to your new site!

As promised, I’ve added a little bit of colour to this site. And I’ve changed the format slightly to make visiting this blog easier and, hopefully, more meaningful. But the site is not final – it’s work-in-progress. So please let me know what you think of it. And I’ll try to incorporate as many of your views as possible.

Actually my friend, Abi Narayan, will. He’s the one who has put in many hours to improve my earlier boring site. And he’s done it all for free.

Thank you very much, Abi.


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  1. wow!! Congratulation on the new webpage. I think its great.

  2. Death Angel says

    Mr. OL. cant wait to see your new layout. and hey i heard this Abi narayan is a genius when computers and cell phones? is he the same guy Mr OL?

  3. TheOtherJThinley says

    I am really impressed for having moved to your own blog. I hope it brings you more viewer ship.

    Please do add an poll so that people can vote on prominent issues.

  4. Good design…. keep rocking Abi..

    Abi on gho in his office? since when?

  5. looks like a gift from OL

  6. philip koschel says

    this is a bis surprise- you are very fast!
    i like the layout, this is a true 2.0 upgrade….

    after a 30hrs trip i just arrived in berlin …

  7. philip koschel says

    i cant find the “contact” button to get intouch with you!
    could be good under the “about me” section?

    please think about the typography of your headline:
    “Tshering Tobgay’s Blog” the first letters of the words are made bigger/bold. i would try just another type to get the title of your beautiful blog slightly more elegant and prominent …

  8. Anonymous says

    Hmmmmm…Lyonpo you could still do better with more colours. It still looks a but empty. Colours have this special effect on everything.

    Try some more colours of blues and yellows, it goes perfectly well with red. Please avoid using green.

    Just a suggestion dear!

    • We’ll run a few experiments. And see how more colours add to the look and feel of our site. But you would have guessed by now that I’m afraid of too many colours. So even if we do go for more colour, don’t expect too much change … I’m not very bold when it comes to designs.

  9. Tshewang says

    Great Job abi..when u started wearing gho and smoking cigar in ur office. I think cigar is given by ur uncle Castro(Cuba).Can u improve my website aslo. shall i pay you in US$ or Nu.

  10. hi OL..yeah poll should be great.
    and after this site you should have a twitter (twitter.com) ..its a great combination with a Blog. creating an account there shouldn’t be a problem

    • l’OL: any suggestion for our first poll. And I became a twitterer about 30 hours ago. my name on twitter is tsheringtobgay. I’ll add the widget later.

      • Hi im glad that u are already a twitterer.
        i have no suggestions on the first poll..but i will be glad to vote for any kind of polls.
        regarding comments on colors by some commentators..i don’t see any wrong with the color..Nice layout and Rich content (“content is the king” – is the mantra) is all your readers/visitors seek. after aLL it’s just a blog- not some fancy company.orange color is cool.you have orange scarf too(hehe)

  11. dear OL
    great job you have done, and share my thx with rabi as well. i have few suggestion for making the site look much better, rather best

    include sections such as:
    human rights

    and similar other sections and update such things regularly. that will not only keeps updated but also the bhutanese. in that way, you site will be a resource center in longer run.

    if you could not generate all contents, here i m ready to lend you some assistance to update things.

    we also expect regular updates on upcoming house session please. govt closes infos, you are only candidate who is expected to work for right to information of people.

    but my concern is as you move up in the ladder of IT, you are ignoring your party’s site. will you give some look there as well to make it dynamic. update things there as well or hire some people to do that job, though i know party has run to dry in financial matters.

    • Dear Meme: thanks for your advice. I’m already working on categories and tags. And we’ve also started working on the PDP website. The new site will be launched soon. And many thanks for agreeing to volunteer. Please email me.

  12. Great piece of work –

    Kudos to Abi and to your excellency.. May this blog grow into a rich resource and a vibrant fora for the readers.

    And I have a couple of suggestions –

    1. Of late (please disagree), the blog has assumed some semblance of our papers – providing stories as are presented by Kuensel, BT or BO – and I just chose to read the papers rather than come here. May be the purpose of the blog needs some revisiting.

    2. I (as would many others) would love to see more analytical and insightful pieces from your excellency. We would appreciate your thoughts and your ideas rather than your concurrence to some published pieces of reports or articles.


  13. i like the blog but i notice i have been making more mistakes in my comments than in the regular old blogger dot com.
    I wonder if thats because of my eye infection?
    You are right, it’s easier to use, and i like the picture idea as well as the poll idea. Congrats on the new blog.

  14. my post is not posted. what happend

  15. Koon Blank says

    I would like it if you could have the RSS that was there in earlier version.

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