Star gazing

Yesterday, our government organized the 8th Film Festival Awards. Our government’s sponsorship of the celebrations is indicative of their support for the movie industry. This is good.

Our movie industry has played an important role in promoting our national language and culture, in generating employment and in providing countless hours of entertainment. I thank them and congratulate them for continuing to take Bhutanese cinema to new heights.

Congratulations to the winners of the 8th film festival awards – you are our stars.

(Till last year the film festival awards were organized through private sponsorship, mainly by the Zimdra Group.)


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  1. sorry to disagree but i dont think our cinema has reached new heights at all, la, Lyonpo. every time i hear of a new movie that is “it”. something different, the makers say, but then i go watch it n feel disappointed. maybe i expect too much from our movie industry?
    well, in terms of technical strength, i wouldn’t want so much, we all know ‘bhutan is a poor country’. this poorness extends to everyone, including moviemakers who have to make do with limited budget. but we are not poor in the mind, are we? or is there no market for awesome bhutanese movies? movies that are not about a guy and a girl dancing in a disco but about our stories, real stories about the real bhutan. as of now, our movies lack the true ‘bhutanese’ essecnce, they have the unpleasant taste of mediocre bollywood.
    i wish the awards would recognise good movies in terms of originality and newness, and creativity. so that we truly take bhutanese cinema to new heights.

  2. TheOtherJThinley says

    Like Bollywood a copy cat of Hollywood, is our movie industry a copy cat of Bollywood?

  3. it is true that the bhutanese film industry has come a long way but there are still a very long to go and achieve… is very rigthly by lyonpo that it is a good thing that government is doing something to retain the industry which is also a job market for the youths….
    cst. phuentsholing

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