The big picture – 2

Good for us

Good for us

Here’s another challenge.

The first one to correctly identify what the picture shows wins a commemorative Nu 100 coin celebrating His Majesty’s the King’s coronation last year.

I’ve decided to hold these challenges every now and then to add some much needed life to this blog of ours.  So don’t look for clues in the title!


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  1. dung

  2. what’s underneath two long dhung horns? (i assume being played or just positioned by two monks)

  3. Dung Chen(Long Trumpets)

  4. Linda wangmo says

    oiii dont be too sure guys.. the picture could be a a close up of a pair of jalings

  5. I am glad i didnt vote says

    ofcourse its dung

  6. GoodToSeePM&OLLaughing&Talking(aspiring) says

    I would say this is Dung Chay. You can find dung chey in dzongs, monasteries and in some temples (very rare). It is used during Tshechu, Domchen, and special occassions.

    I am of the view that blowing dung, kang dung, dungkar and jaling provides good exercise to our lungs, heart and to other systems of our body.

  7. GoodToSeePM&OLLaughing&Talking(aspiring) says

    Our OL’s head is constantly working.

  8. pingpong says

    yeah…its a pair of Dung Chen!

  9. I would vote for Dungchen as well.,

  10. A pair of Jalings.

  11. The Long Horns! The Long Horns! Now Gimme My Commemorative Coins!

  12. A pair of “dung chen”

  13. Lynpo…that was too easy, given away by standing monks in the back. How about another one…more challenging! Cheers.

  14. i also say dung chey

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