The Big Picture – 3

Okay, let’s make Big Picture a bit more interesting. Here’s an audio-visual clip. The first one to correctly identify what the Big Picture is wins a commemorative Nu 100 coin celebrating His Majesty’s the King’s coronation last year. It’s the Big Picture – 2 prize that was not claimed.



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  1. The picture is gTorm mKarjen and Butter Lamp

  2. looks like a whipping willow (from harry potter) trying to scare away a black bird.

  3. crazy girl says

    a cuckoo bird??

  4. Willow trees and pine trees and a cuckoo cuckooing at the back ground.

  5. i think its ol archery ground in taba below ol zimchu la and cuckoo bird hehe

  6. i think its some kid pretending be a cuckoo!

  7. Dear OL. In future if you conduct such kind of questions, to make it more intresting I would like to sponsor the prizes. The prize I want to sponsor is one night stay at hotel Samdencholing, Paro and a dinner for one.


  8. Linda Wangmo says

    It is the home of one of your brother. Do I lose point if his name is not mentioned. He plays archery and lives just next to your Zimchu. I would rather answer by saying its on the left habd side of your zimchu

  9. The cameraman trying to locate singing cuckoo; the place is Taba!

  10. its lyonpo trying to be a birdwatcher and locate an invisible cukoo?

  11. Taba forests. Someone is trying to locate the bird cuckoo through the lens of a digital camera in video mode. The bird is obviously camouflaged and hard to spot but the sound is well captured.

  12. willow trees below ol’s parents house in taba.

  13. Dorji Wangdi says


  14. I can’t see any picture

  15. Any hints la? Dont seem to make anything out of it…haha

  16. its those line of trees infront of Ols house la.

  17. forest coverage

  18. I think it’s OL’s arrow getting lost in the Bacho

  19. Its the Natural Phenomena of co-existent living between Weeping willows and Pine Trees.
    It can also be depicted that such co-Harmony can be established between we Humans. NC and NA living in Harmony with each other for cause of vibrant Democracy…..

    Just my views. Not intended to Hurt any groups or individual’s sentiments.

  20. Tshewang Rinzin says

    five stars

  21. Cuckoo sound

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