The Big Picture – 4



The first one to figure out the big picture wins lunch at the Musk.


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  1. Dragon (tatoo)

  2. It’s a scribbling of a ‘Bjachung’ tattoo on some bare naked arm. Waho waho waho… buy me the air tickets too.

  3. dragon’s head tattoo

  4. i seem to have seen a photo of that dragon tattoo before.

    must be this one from a photo of somebody’s left arm ( in mr.jurmi’s site. could be his.

  5. Thats definitely a Tatoo of a dragon on the left arm of somebody…

  6. On a second thought…I think it is not a real tatoo…in the is only a sketch.

  7. dragon head (with lots of pimples)tattoo on the back of right shoulder. a lifetime marking for a temporary insanity.

  8. i think it is “furious wild boar”…..

  9. its a wild boar encroaching on a human arm … after destroying the crops of poor farmers.

    probably its telling us to take arms …..and do some wild boar safari ….hahahahahaha

  10. Thats tatoo “work in progress” on Talaiman’s arm!!!!

  11. tatoo of a chinese dragon


    Honourable OL
    Its an temporary tatoo of a dragon ( which indicate BHUTAN 100 years) on the left hand of someone … i feel its drawn by a vast member at the clock tower square on the DRAGON MANIA day …… doubt on azha KAMA.


  13. too easy…the lunch is mine! It’s a dragon tatoo on the arm of a guy popularly called Taliban a.k.a jurmey choying

  14. its not a tatoo..just a sketch of dragon head on the left arm of a person.can be on shoulder also.

  15. a dragon’s tattoo on the left arm of Jurmey Chhowing

  16. Jesus! I’m Simply Blown-Away & Bewildered!!!
    How’d You All Guess It?

    And isn’t it Taliman? He Did Say That One Time His Mom Asked Him, “Why’d They Call You Taliban? Aren’t Those the Motikpas That Keep Blowing & Bombing Things? And then she gave the punchline, “Get a Proper Moniker!”
    I Liked What Ugyen Said and Here’s My Take “You Planning On Living Here Forever?

    Taliman Tells Me He Came With Nothing & Will Go Back With Something.” Then He Said, “Let’s See How You Move Your Cars and Bungalows, Your Jewels and Your Bank-Balances!”
    “Me I go With My Tattoos!”

    The Body Too is Rented-Out! Living Within Your Means is Sanity; Living Without is Delusion. Anyhow, i Gonna Get Some Too!!!

    Thanks To H’on OL For This. Light Banter is Healthy…We Should Have More of These! Cheers!

  17. well well, the postman is none other than the great taliman himself..or so am guessing..and yup, thats his tattoo, a dragon….

  18. well well, the postman is none other than the great taliman himself..or so am guessing….and yup, thats a dragon tattoo on his arm…

  19. Solal…You Got Me! I’m Indeed the Postman And I Din’t even Have to Knock Once!!!

    All in all this was a Nice One Our Right Honorable Opposition Leader- Thanks For The (Extra) Exposure! And Arcibald- You’re a Cheeky-Maan…Loved Samdrup and Vigilante’s “Furious-Wild-Boar”….Pompom

    … You Could Upset Some of My Brethern- Eating American Pizzas Awaiting Orders for the Next Big-Blow-Up…!
    And Ugyen…What’s Left Of Me is All Insane!!!
    Cheers Fellas..Have a Good One!

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