The big picture

I spy with my little eye...

I spy with my little eye...

Here’s a challenge.

The first one to recognize this picture wins a prize, the book “Portrait of a Leader” by Dr Mieko Nishimizu.


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  1. KarmaCW says:

    Is it not an eye of Lord Buddha carved in a stupa/chorten!

  2. Megatron, the evil leader of deception.

  3. P Chhetri says:

    Is it not the eye of Lord Buddha at newly building world tallest statue of lord Buddha?

  4. Karma S. says:

    Hon’ble Lyonpo,

    This is the eye of an elephant statue.

  5. Samchhar says:

    Eye of the Buddha

  6. Phub Dorji Wang says:


    Eye of our Fouth Druk Gyalpo, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

  7. Phuntsho says:

    it looks like the left eye of Guru Rimpoche.

  8. It is the eye of the giant Buddha THAT IS BEING ERECTED ABOVE THE THIMPHU VALLEY.
    Ah mee Ta Faa – May I be the winner !

  9. dear OL i think its the eye of the buddha statue in nepal.guess.

  10. Tshewang Nidup says:

    I would guess, this is a symbol of Sun and the moon.

  11. chendibji chorten

  12. Genghis Khan

  13. i think its the eye of the Buddha on the Gom Kora Chorten:-)

  14. It the armour (helmet)

  15. Samchhar says:

    The left eye of Guru Rinpoche Statue being built at Takila in Tangmachu, Lhuentshi

  16. Tandin pem says:

    Dear OL just a wild guess Lord Buddha’s left eye…

  17. its the right sholder of guru rimpoche

  18. Your Excellency,
    This is the all seeing wisdom eye of the Lord Buddha.

  19. God! Could it by any chance be the right eye of the Statue of Liberty?

  20. Or, perhaps the Laughing Buddha?

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