Real twitters

Real twitters

I’ve now been blogging for more than six months. And I’ve started receiving good feedback. During the weekdays we easily get four to five thousand hits. And, increasingly, many of the readers offer valuable comments. So, overall, I’m quite satisfied.

But to enhance my interaction with friends, especially those in Bhutan, I’ve also been on Facebook, a free social networking site, for a while now. Please join me here.

And to expand the blogging experience I’ve been experimenting with Twitter, also a free social networking site, but one that specializes in microblogging. Twitter users post updates, called “tweets”,which are entries less than 140 characters long, and which are available to their “followers”. To sign up and follow me, go here.

Now here’s the interesting part: if B-Mobile, say, were to allow Twitter to recognize their network, then users would be able to “tweet” using SMS’s, and “followers” would be able to receive updates as SMS’s. And that would be really handy.


Twikini screenshot

I tweet on a smart phone, a Sony Ericsson Xi which runs on Windows Mobile 6.1. And I find it very convenient to post updates using Twikini, an application that allows you to use Twitter easily and quickly on your mobile phone. If you’re on 3G, I recommend Twikini to manage your Twitter account.

So why am I writing about Twitter, tweeting and Twikini? Because I wish to invite you to try out this very effective networking site that has taken most countries by storm. More importantly, I wish to inform you that I’ve decided to tweet regularly during the third National Assembly session.

Now for the birds, the real twitters pictured at the beginning of this post. These two birds have decided, very kindly, to roost outside our home in Taba. The picture shows the female bird carefully emerging from their nest (the horizontal member, made from bamboo, of my daughter’s swing) while her partner guards their territory.

The birds are Russet Sparrows. You’ve seen them. They’re plenty of them in Bhutan. But Yeshey Dorji, one of Bhutan’s foremost birders, tells me that they are very rare in other parts of the world.


Facebook Comments:


  1. Hon. Lyonpo la,
    I am really impressed with you afford la. I am honored to have you as my friend in my facebook. And for your kind information i am also one of them who enjoys visiting your blog quite often. I really enjoy going through it and i can feel my self updated and can understand whats going on back at home.
    From everything i heard and i have seen(read) i can say without any doubt that you are the real person who cares about the need and welfare of the people. You are doing really a great job and i think you are the real reason behind for good running of democracy in Bhutan. Anyways i am on of your big fan and i wish you very best of luck in every step you take and in your future la…..
    Best wishes for the third session….

  2. I share the same feeling la

  3. Dinesh Pradhan says

    It is quite remarkable that you’re able to do all this despite your busy schedule. I can guess that it must be really late in the night when U update your blogs. The dedication you’re showing in keeping us informed is quite commendable la. And the fact that you’re using the latest technology on the web to do that goes to show that the gap between the leaders and the public these days is but a click away. It bodes really well for the sake of information dissemination and transparency, which are vital for the culture of democracy to take root in our country.
    Just my thoughts on the matter.
    Thank You la.

  4. Phuntsho says

    Even Kevin Rudd, Hon’ble PM of Australia uses twitters. I heard it in a radio show that he’s got millions of followers, befitting that Australia is a big country.

    However, I have never tried it myself yet. It must be really fun and useful!

  5. Twitter, tweet, twikini – GOD only knows where we will be led next. It is overwhelming at this day and age to do all that and I guess it is addictive too mena la. It throws off the essence of time management and prioritizing needs. I am keeping away from these three “T”. I’d rather stick to following your blog and be better informed about the nation and other relevant matters.

    You tweet, I tweet, everybody tweet tweet tweet – such a noisy affair. But nonetheless, goodluck to those who tweet.

  6. For iPhone users, i recommend to use twitterrific, a powerful twitter client.

    You can download it free from iphone app store.

  7. Hi OL.
    This isn’t regarding your tweet or your blog but something someone should could be im taking chance.
    I was a student of Punakha High School 1992-1995. and we used to sneak to town from our dorm via chorten near Dzongda’s residence..somewhere in between there used to be a belonged to an old couple from was a Chop and they earned their living by going for Dodoen. i was told that some student used to go there to beg for food sometimes because the hostel food wasn’t good.
    sometiems we used to hear them fighting ..most often it was the old woman crying out loud.

    years later i went to punakha. i came across a mad woman..and people making fun of her and she was cursing and shouting at them. i was quite sure i saw this old woman before. anyways i forgot about it and about a few months back i was in Bhutan for a vacation and had to go to punakha again. i was passing by Punakha school with nostalagia ..and near the BLACK ROCK above the road there was a cave..smoke coming out of it..some red chillies being dried..i asked my friend about it, she said it belonged to an old kurtoep retarded woman..who’s been like that since her husband died.
    after seeing that i couldnt forget the woman and the cave..but couldnt do anything as i had to come back to studies. i m hoping some good people would do some investigation..and hopefully bring to the notice of tarayana or RENEW or someone.
    tashi delek

  8. dorjiwangchuk says

    No better and easier way to connect with the people than twitter.

    My last tweet was – An interesting column on Twitter by Gideon Rachman in FT –

    I think your visitors will enjoy reading it..


  9. I have used the Twitter in the past and it was such an phenomenal site. Loved it simply.

  10. Dear TT,first time i met u; that was before u became OL ,I fOUnd u very proud and aggressive. You still look the same but i really appreciate your efforts and i hope to see you make a big impact on the Bhutanese society..keep up ur good work.

    • Dear bumoeuchung, thanks for your honest feedback. i can’t change the way i look, but i’ll try even harder to serve with humility….and to keep our democracy honest. keep your constructive criticisms coming.

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