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gravatar-logo2Okay, our new site is up and running. And you would have noticed that reading your comments is easier and more enjoyable. That’s because all of you are using usernames. And unique usernames make following comments and discussions easy.

But most of you have not created avatars. Avatars can be photographs (like Abi and I have used) or caricatures or any other picture you think is appropriate to represent you or your mood. They are not necessary. But, like usernames, they’ll make following your discussions lively. They are also fun.

Abi Narayan showed me that easiest way to make an avatar is to use gravatar (for globally recognized avatar). Gravatar is a free service that allows you to use your avatar image in all gravatar-enabled websites including this site. If you’ve already posted a comment, but haven’t yet created an avatar, you’ll see the gravatar logo beside your username. Replace that with your image!


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  1. I found an easy guide on how to create a Gravatar –


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