I’m surprised at the number of comments generated by “Foreign trips”.  And I’m surprised that many of them are by first-time commentators. But, somehow I’m not surprised that virtually all the new commentators supported the prime minister’s frequent travels abroad last year.


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  1. Food For Thought says

    Hon’ble OL,
    If what you say is true, the comments speak volumes here. If I were you I would critically analyze and correct the way I would look at bringing out the issues here – a sort of balance of both for and against the govt. rather than going one sided. Overdoing anything is counter productive sometimes. The middle-path is better.

  2. I started commenting on OL blog thinking that useful discussion can be made on important issues affecting our small, developing yet beautiful and relatively peaceful country. But to date i am disappointed to some extent because most issues are concerning personal matters and trying to score points on political front.

    To me, at this point of time in our country’s development, we should focus discussion on strengthening the unity of country and alleviating poverty rather than wasting our energy on divisive political agenda. I would sincerely request OL to bring issue that affects majority of Bhutanese living in poverty or on the verge of poverty. Issues related to health care, food security, drinking water, conditions of our roads, quality of our education, well being of our monastic bodies, problems of unemployment, drug abuse etc. deserves more attention than discussing wheather or not our PM should or should not make frequent foreign trip.


  3. Dear OL,

    This can only mean one thing: you Blog is attracting larger audience which is good. However, I agree with Thinlay, you need to keep your posts a little more meaningful and relevant.

    With due respect, I would also like to point out that your recent commentaries/posts have been not very useful and thus not enjoyable or worthy of comment and participation from us who visit your Blog to gain some knowledge and insight into the workings of the government and the Parliament.

  4. New commentators did not support the PM being travelled fuequently and for uselesly….but they did it for his remarkable out put. Wait and see if any PM can do in a way he handles.

  5. Old commentator here:
    The travels might be necessary, but not the big bang which goes with them without any outputs. To repeat “the whole cabinet ministers’ team, secretaries and Dashos “seeing him off and receiving a 5-10 person team in Paro every time is definitely ridiculous.

  6. I agree with Chhimi, we definitely need to cut down on the pomp and ceremony, it is a sheer waste of funds that can be spent on more important areas.

  7. I too have a feeling that ceremonial aspects of our culture need rethinking and examination. Sometimes, we overdo things that may be done simply with simplicity and symbolic respect to our culture and tradition. I think entourage or arrival/seeing off size of government officials whenever high leavel dignitries go and come back from abroad may be curtailed and make it a simple affair. This may not apply, for example, when head of the states from other countries visit Bhutan or leave Bhutan. For such occassion, it may be OK if we make it grand and pompous. But this issue deserves some discussion because in my view it is possible to save money from such occassion for other important pressing needs.

    I also think that even for official promotion, transfer, retirement, or during opening and closing of important national events, we tend to overdo our ceremonial parts. But if such occassions do not involve government expenses it may be OK; otherwise, we may have to review them and make them cost effective.


  8. Dorji Phuntsho T says

    Personally I think PM travels to many times out of the country when he should be in the country solving our national problems. Instead our PM is galavanting around the world giving his GNH speeches. I wonder if he is preparing for his retirement plan as a speaker (to earn big bucks).

    I am personally of the view that as PM he should focous on solving our many problems in the country then he should go for his GNH trips.

    Home first Mr. PM then think of the rest of the world.

  9. well, PM is a PM. he requires to be seen off and received coz he is not going/coming from a business trip. he travels across coz to maintain and establish good terms with foreign nations, without whose kind grants our country would face a severe financial constraints. OL should also travel n establish such relations.

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