About eight months ago, after I’d moved this blog from the earlier site, and revamped its design, one man, a close family friend, complained about the new format.

For me it is troublesome that I have to change all the time to another page after reading only a few lines of your statement. And, to be frank, I am not much interested in what other people are thinking and telling to each and every thing. However, I know that I am “out” in things like that.

I know that no layout is perfect. But, I’ve accepted that my previous one was especially troublesome, particularly for readers who visit only once a while. To read my latest few entries, for example, one would have to navigate several times between the home page and the pages that carry the full article. Troublesome.

So, after eight months, I’m heeding my friend’s advice, and am going back to the old layout. Even I find it convenient!

But, this blog is not just about me. Please click on the “comments” button, at the end of each article, as often as possible. Please continue to share your ideas, and debate issues.

The bigger purpose of this blog, after all, is to know about “…what other people are thinking and telling each…” other.


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  1. there are always pro’s and contra’s.
    i liked the old design because of the magazine-like-layout and the better overview.

    how ever,
    what matters to you is the content,
    and your content is always very good, no matter what layout style people prefer.

    regards from berlin,

  2. Dear Tobgay, of course I am happy that you accepted my complaint, not forgetting it after so long. What an honour to be mentioned in your much appreciated blog. Most enjoyable thing: to be called a close family friend. Thank you so much.
    Go on your intelligent, successful and fair way. Best wishes for 2010.
    Yours other German friend, regards from Stuttgart Gerd

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