I’m back!

I’m back. And it feels good to be back home.

My broken jaw has been corrected by way of a metal plate that now holds the fracture in place. But my jaws have also been wired shut to allow the damaged bones to heal properly. So till the wires come off – which will be in about five weeks – I’ll be speaking through clenched teeth. And subsisting on a full liquid diet.

I’m grateful for the many emails and messages that I received during the last two weeks. Your good wishes, support and prayers have helped me recover from that nasty biking accident quickly and remarkably well.

I’m back. And I thank you very much.


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  1. Dear OL

    I am glad to be the first one on this site to welcome you back. Happy to hear that the correction of the fractured jaw has been carried out successfully.

    Here is wishing you speedy recovery. I hope that you will be more careful next time. But I know that somethings we men do are inexplicable – but perhaps, that is why, we are men.

  2. hon ol
    hearty welcome back home

  3. Dear OL,
    Great to know that you are recovering well. My wishes and prayers are with you!

    with respect,

  4. Hon OL
    Nice to hear that u r back.

  5. welcome home lyonpo ! prayers for your fast recovery …

  6. Honorable Lyonpo,
    Let me join those well wishers to extend my profoundly felt Welcome to Home after recovery.
    We are happy to Have you back and let me be the first person to Offer Tashi Delek prayers in THRUE BAB, a conventional Bhutanese way of celebrating Blessed Rainy Day la.

  7. Hon OL,

    i join others to welcome back and wish you a quick recovery.

  8. Linda Wangmo says

    Dear OL

    We need a poll to see how many of your readers are against your biking and Archery. I definitely feel that you should hold on to your position and stop all this.

  9. Come on Linda Wangmo
    Let the man enjoy his biking and archery. It wont interfere with his work. If the accident is what is bothering you, you ought to know that these things happen.

  10. Welcome back…I am pleased to hear your back in the Country, happy recovery!

  11. Welcome home OL, great to know that you are going to be as good as new in a few weeks time.

  12. Welcome home OL. We missed you here. I feel bad to ask you the following questions but there is no one other than you who can at least listen to.

    1. I have been deeply disturbed with the report about Bhutan lottery scam. The report on the Business Bhutan implies that the Bhutanese authorities are silent over this issue. How can ordinary Bhutanese like me ask the Government to comment on this report? I would like to know the government’s stand on this because Bhutan’s reputation is at stake ans this is something we cannot afford to loose.

    2. Why is the “right to information act” still not implemented?

    Thank you in advance – sorry to bother you in this way when you are recuperating. Like I said before there are no other options.

  13. I am delighted to hear that you have come back with your broken jaws mended. It must have been a painful experience for you.

    We have been wondering what would become of our NA session without your presence there.

    I am one of your big fans not because I strongly despise DPT but because you are humble and fulfilling your role as an opposition leader even in the face of overwhelming majority in the National Assembly. Specially, I appreciate your courage to speak up against the ruling party when it is knowingly making a big mistake.

  14. honb’le OL,
    happy to hear that you are back home after the treatment. all the good wishes and prayers for your quick recovery.

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