It’s been almost two weeks since my last entry. Some people have asked me why I’ve been quiet. On the other hand, “Linda Wangmo”, a regular reader, scolded me for spending too much time bicycling.

“Please do not waste time on our OLs blog….” advised Linda, “our dear OL is busy Bicycling and bicycling is every thing to him. It is now very clear that he will have no time for his blog and he would have no time to say what the government does….”

Yes, I have been cycling a lot recently, especially during the weekends. Last Saturday, some friends and I cycled to Lobesa and back. The Saturday before that, we cycled to Haa and back. And, we’ve already made it to Dochula and Paro several times.

Why this sudden interest in long-distance cycling? Because the people I’m biking with, plan to bicycle from Bumthang to Thimphu in one day. And I plan to join them!

But that’s not the reason why I haven’t been updating my entries regularly.

In fact, while I’ve appeared inactive, I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about this website – wondering if we’ve been constructive, questioning the quality of our discussions, and inquiring if we’ve made any difference.

Yes, I’ve been doing some soul searching … and in that respect, “Madman”, who asked if I was lost, is quite correct.


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  1. Many appreciate the OL and his blog. They miss him if the blog is not active. This is one way the OL interacts or one part of the society that interacts with him. There are others who wish that you would visit them. Then there are others who would not want to see him. And then there are many who wants to bicycle with him.
    Sharing time with all must be difficult but a piece of you and your time is always appreciated. Good luck with the introspection

  2. I hope you don’t shut this blog down. We need this blog, any key to good democracy starts with strong opposition leader.
    Sure we may be different of opinions, but that is the beautify of democracy and freedom, everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has the right to know what the government is doing.

  3. To me, your blog is something that has become a part of me. I don’t really get into the discussion on your blog but I am very much with it all the time. From it I get to balance the views,opinions and issues which otherwise is one sided or not complete.
    So, pls keep it going.

  4. Uh oh …
    We can’t have our political leaders lost — PM or OL! 🙂

    But, it’s good to step back, reflect, and take stock, from time to time.
    In fact, I wish more leaders would do just that.

    My 2 anna’s worth here …
    One can expect substance from the stuff when the author’s true identity is revealed, but not necessarily his/her views and opinions.
    The opposite is the case, under pseudonyms.

    By the way, I disagree with Linda.
    Bicycling is a great way to step back, reflect, and take stock.
    So, keep on trucking on your 2 wheels, OL!

  5. Yes, opposition should be praised if brings out balanced and true views. Every human being is educated in some way or the other to judge anybody’s intention. Lib service is no good to any individual!!!!

  6. Someone told me one time.. you cannot please everyone…. and that the most important is a greater benefit to the society.
    this website doesn’t please everybody but there are people who appreciate and benefit out of it. Sometimes its challenging… i read the comments and think… who is this person? I write something and erase it…. because i think its not what it is……
    But here is the truth.. a lot of times i hear concern, i hear true dedication and a longing to do things right in our country through this website… you bring so much here that people grow aware and understand democracy in our country….
    at least that’s what i have gotten out of this…….

  7. On the other hand.. reflecting and thinking about what it hass done so far is a good idea too…

  8. Hon’ble OL, I came to know about your blog recently and its interesting to go through and share our concerns directly with you. More interesting to know is how much you are enthusiastic in biking.
    Well I’m also very much interested for various reasons such as to keep our body fit but most of the Bhutanese (civil servants and other low income employees) can not afford to buy one.
    We learned from the media that around 400 bikes were donated by Japan and don’t know where are they lying now.
    I guess if youth picks up biking, it would solve many youth related problems like drug abuse and other social problems related to youth. It has also so many other benefits as you know it.
    You have shone noble example by yourself being a enthusiastic biker and keep it up la.

  9. …or wasting time riding motorcycle, without wearing helmet, on Taba Road (Near Nima High School). A very bad example to students and people who saw you do that and sth un-expected from a Leader.

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