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Foul fowl

“Spelling bee” generated a lot of discussion. Almost all of it was good. The debate was lively. And most of the arguments were presented convincingly.

But a couple of commentators got carried away. They started swearing, in English and in Dzongkha. This is unfortunate. And unnecessary. You don’t need to curse to drive home your point. So please, no swearing. No unnecessary expletives.

Henceforth, I will exercise my option to censor comments that are abusive.


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  1. Only people who have nothing w to contribute and no facts to argue will resort to insulting and using profanity. So I agree that people resorting to childish insults and profanities are not worth the discussion.

  2. Yes, OL is right.I felt some comments were too vulgar and really deserved to be censored. I was actually surprised that it was published.

    OL can censor it and write that the comments had been censored because it was too harsh/vulgar etc. on the wall in future. Just my view.

  3. Linda Wangmo says

    Dear Ol

    I think we the readers need some good explanations on why you are not In Bhumthang when the people there really need our leaders. Its not only you but most of our cabinet Ministers and Mps are not there. We had a glimpses of acting PM and some Mps on the first day but now everyone is silent. I think we also should agree to the good excuses of our Prime Minister. He is preaching GNH abroad and the real GNH is happening in parts of our country. The Bhutan Today Cover page pictures can actually describe how happy our PM is and how worried our King looks. Congrats Bhutan Today for the clip.

  4. Dear Linda Wangmo,

    I think you are an exhibitionist by nature. I disagree that the OL should have been in Bumthang or that the PM should be shedding tears to show how sad he was about what happened in Bumthang. The tragedy had to happen and it happened. Our beloved 4th Druk Gyalpo was there; our Queens were there; our Acting Prime Minister on behalf of the government was there. Beyond that, crowding the place with dignitaries will do nothing more than what was being done already. Instead, if there were too many Ministers and MP’s, things would have gone messy – too many cooks spoiling the broth kind of thing.

    I remember when the Punakha Dzong renovation was complete and it was being consecrated, the inside of the Dzong was filled with all the flashy dignitaries from Thimphu and all the real believers and those who really feel and care were barred from entering the Dzong because there was no place for them to sit and worship. That day I realized how pseudo the event was and how meaningless and heartless the whole event was.

  5. I believe, politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.

  6. DrukpaDorji says

    I would like to believe that people who write in forums & blogs like this are people who are fortunate enough to have been educated & have access to internet. However, I am really appalled that educated people come to blogs like this & swear & abuse people. This is really disgraceful & unconstructive. Please comment only if your comments are constructive criticism or with respect to the topic being discussed. And also please show some respect to the OL not just because he is the Opposition Leader of Bhutan but as a decent human being, we are suppose to respect everyone in general.

  7. Failed Disaster Manager says

    I do agree with Guest that it was not necessary for everyone to be there in Bumthang. If all MPs would have gone there imagine how much our govt. would have spent on the TA/DA and allowances. Whatever happened has happened but what are the lessons that we have learnt from Wamrong, Bumthang and Haa fire accidents? What are the strategies, actions plans and measures that the responsible agencies are now planning so that similar accidents in places like Wangdue is avoided? It is shameful to realise that we are not proactive but reactive in our approach. How long can we request donors and agencies to support us if we continue with the same approach? It is time that we put some SERIOUS THOUGHTS INTO IT. Rather than visiting Bumthang, MPs as leaders MUST put plans and measures in place to prevent such accidents in future. How much would it have costed to connect a water pipeline from Chamkhar Chu to the Chamkhar Town which is just 100 metres? It would have saved much. I heard that the fire fighting vehicle had to go to fetch water in the middle and could not save many houses? Who is responsible? Some who is responsible has the moral responsibility to take the accountability and resign. Or was in nobody’s business and everybody is blaming somebody?

  8. Dear OL,
    Kuzuzangpola. It’s been a while. Hope everything’s good with you.

    Now, this is not related to your topic but I thought it’s worse than obscene language that I thought needed your attention.
    I was on Facebook when I noticed a lady posted a link to Bhutan National Bank’s website announcing some winners for the POS rewards system they had.
    I was shocked to find that the winners’ account numbers were published there!

    Obviously, the lady was as innocent as we Bhutanese are. She wasn’t sure if it’s NOT GOOD for others to know your bank account number!
    But what’s more shocking is, the bank actually published it!

    It doesn’t matter how secure a bank is, but somebody’s account number is theirs, and theirs only. (Unless, I guess the law requires to know)
    The fact that I can view their personal account numbers all the way from New York says it’s not secure enough!

    This incident goes onto show how immature Bhutan is, in general, when it comes to the world wide web security and protection of privacy.
    Please do something before our hardworking men and women loose their hard earned savings to a lurking hacker who sits in their grandmother’s basement all day stealing money!

    • Dear Lobxang,

      Yes, you are right: the BNB has published the names along with the account numbers of the POS winners.

      And yes, you are right: revealing personal account numbers compromises security.

      I spoke with someone at the BNB and conveyed our concerns.

      I trust you’re keeping well.


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