tashi's monster

You would have noticed that avatars of monsters now accompany your usernames. The monster IDs are automatically generated. And they are unique to you (as long as you use the same email address.)

I’ve unleashed the monsters because none of you were using avatars. I hope you like them. But I hope you eventually create your own avatars!

When it comes to usernames, however, it’s a completely different story…

Early followers of this blog will remember that on the original site, readers could post comments anonymously. You can still do that. But, whereas you didn’t even need to use a username in the original site, now, as you know, you cannot post a comment without a username.

There are two reasons for this: One, to allow you to create a unique identity, so that other readers can follow your comments easily. And two, to build a sense of community among our regular readers.

We have met our goal. We have a rich community of usernames. Many of you now apparently use your real names like Kinga, Ugen, Tashi, Tshering, Pema, Dorji, Drugda, Penjore, Tenzing, Thinley, Lobxang and Zekom.

And some of you even use your complete names: Dorji Phuntsho T, Sonam Tobgay, Dago Tshering, Abi Narayan and Tashi P. Ganzin are examples. While others, like Tchoden, Samdrups and SonamG, prefer to abbreviate your names.

Many of you have adopted interesting usernames. Here are a few, chosen at random from recent comments:

Usernames that give clues to where their authors hail from: Shingkhar, Tangba, Dungsamkota, Haap, Sombey, Phuentsholing.

Usernames that describe their authors: Wise Old Man, True Dukpa, Guardian, Critic, Observer, Keen Observer, Citizen Man, Seer, Pazab.

Usernames that call for specific values: Thadamtse, Truth, Ethics

Usernames that for action: Practicing GNH, Yes We Can

Usernames that communicate emotions: Amused, Fuse, Bull Chakpa, Hopeless, Yalama, Guluphulu, Twister

Usernames that describe their professions: Tashel Laglenpa, The Writer, Expert, Confused Civil Servant

And, of course, usernames that are used by the truly anonymous: Unknown, Anonymous, Guest


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  1. This is interesting! I am commenting this time solely to see if I can get the same green Monster Avatar that I got when I commented on your blog last time.

    • Bingo!

      An algorithm constructs your monster avatar from a pool of body parts containing 15 different bodies, 5 legs, 5 hairs, 5 arms, 15 eyes and 10 mouths–any mathematician will be able to figure out the total number of different monster combinations!

      Your monster avatar is unique, and the construct is based on your email address.

      So Lobxang you have two monsters. This one. And an earlier one, generated for your yahoo ID. Your earlier monster is a funky four-legged break dancer! For an example of your monster’s previous incarnation, go to Be Somebody! That monster told us about your previous boss and idol, who taught you about the importance of hard work.

  2. Thank you, Your excellency.
    I love my green monster.

  3. Love mine.

  4. Some of the user names are acronyms.

  5. i like mine as well!

  6. i get my facebook profile picture (i have no idea how???) instead of a monster!!! how do i change that?

  7. Okay, I think i fogured it out. Just checking…:P

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