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All our members of parliament would consider visiting their respective constituencies to be one of their most important duties. And I’m sure that they visit their constituencies as often as possible. I certainly do.

So when I wrote “Happily exhausted” I didn’t mean to sound like having done anything extraordinary. But, somehow, I had ticked off “Toula” who commented:

You made this trip of yours to your own constituency where you made all the promises sound like you were traveling to the end of the world where no one else ever dared to do. Wow! wow! wow!

I obviously didn’t travel to the “end of the world”. And I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. I was just doing my job, visiting my constituents to brief them on the proceedings of the parliament, to talk about development issues, and generally make myself available to discuss anything else. No big deal.

For those of you who may be interested in visiting Sombaykha and Gakiling, I’ve posted some pictures, from my last trip there, in the Gallery.


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  1. I am puzzled why we have this strong presumption against politicians. We begin by not trusting them, without really knowing their work, motivations, values, etc…

    Methinks one reason might be in the basic facts of leadership. A true leader is one who is totally honest to oneself, and is not at all afraid of being “naked” in front of others. This, to me, is the source of trustworthy leadership.

    We know such a person is rare, politicians or not.

    Yet, we the people have to strive to be the real leaders, to make our democracy work. So, it has to begin with us, not with the politicians.

  2. lyempola,
    nothing is extraordinary- usual things give way to extraordinary. simple thing leads to extraordinary things. you are doing right thing whatever your intention might. keep up!!
    you politicians have to build trust and confidence of our people. people voted to DPT does not meant they have confidence in them. everything can change at the moments. what we, Buddhist call impermanence.
    i live in most remotest part of this nation and i know everything, what they feel about the politician. the rural people are not much happy and urban elite you know how they feel!!!!!! but never doubt that rural people ignorance……. they know what you promised and why you hardly visit their place………….. more than urban elite.. be careful politician……
    ‘Let all thy converse be sincere,
    Thy conscience as the noonday clear;
    For God’s all-seeing eye surveys
    Thy secret thoughts, thy works and ways’.

  3. Nice photos, OL. Keep it up. You are doing a great job.

  4. no hot issue…
    DPT government is idle this days…………
    if they gain work there is always controversy…….. fortunately name of Mckinsey is surfaced again in kuensel/newspaper today….lord of DPT’s guidance…. to mentioned his name aagin and again in the paper. reflect that Mckinsey government have proposed to do…. such and such in their bhutan……….
    wanna invite him(Mr. Mckinsey) to plan…when and where i have to built toilet for my family. i will pay hefty money…

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