Hidden paradise?

Tomorrow I’ll be in Samtse. But before I leave Sombaykha, I should share with you its etymology.

Sombaykha = sang as in sangwa or “secret” + bay as in bayuel or “paradise”

Sombaykha = A paradise hidden by Guru Rimpoche


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  1. Lyonpo la,

    It is indeed incredible that you are connected through out your trek and able to keep us informed of your whereabouts and also update your informative blog. How is this possible. Are you carrying your laptop along and that you are connected through sattelite to the internet. Hasn’t Bhutan progressed in terms of communicaion?

  2. Las la. Thought I posted an irrelevant question but looks like a reply clarifying my doubts will soon be posted. Thank you la. Glad to know that you are indeed happily exhausted !!!!!

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