Big picture

It’s been a while since we last played the “Big picture”. The person who most accurately tells what the picture is receives an appropriate gift.


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  1. is it a painting of an animal – a horse perhaps ??

  2. Me think its some old broken water tap…heh.. hah..

  3. PDP Logo

  4. phurba thinlay says


  5. Could be the PDP logo for the next election.

  6. The head of a horse (facing left)

  7. tashi choden says

    its head of a horse ….

  8. Motor Mouth says

    toothpaste foam?

  9. Its a Horse head key chain

  10. Looks like a rock horse with a big nose

  11. a piece of artwork at Vast……

  12. It’s an ass.

  13. cat

  14. reuse of waste at the clock tower

  15. its a island

  16. The American Republican Logo copied as is by PDP in 2008. Bhutanese people believed that PDP lost because the horse is saddle-less indicating irresponsibility to carry the trust of the people. PDP actually meant Horse for “Lungta” (Willpower horse) but did not realize that “Lungta” always carry “Norbu Gyeltshen Tsemo”.

  17. Again, I must confess that I am not definite of the horse being USA Republican Logo. I have seen it to be a logo of one of the western countries political party logo and I thinkt it is of US Republican Party.

  18. its a Tigers Skin

  19. I can say that its a picture of Horse making noise and his two eyes is looking up and making noise.


  20. my 2nd Thoughts — I guess its a salt inside the wet patched apartment of Trongsa Dzong

  21. It is the head of the horse.

  22. camel art

  23. I think it is a shoe, most probably a skate shoe.

  24. Part of a tree

  25. painting of a head of giraffe.. or camel…

  26. Its a painting of a giraffe’s head

  27. It is painting of a Giraffe head.

  28. Yangka Chojay says

    My second thought is that PDPs Logo

  29. Another guess. I think is a huge sea creature(the black portion)engulfing sea weeds.

  30. its a torma………

  31. Not-so-great sculpture of an unicorn?

  32. Its a satellite imagery of clouds & lakes

  33. I think it is a bat, lying on it’s back

  34. a piglet

  35. Remains of yak leather

  36. A hide stretched and pegged to dry in the sun.

  37. It looks like a plastic/rubber toy horse.

  38. picture of a shore resembling a unicorn/ horse head.

  39. I see this a frog about leap.

  40. Sea Horse

  41. It is frog about to leap

  42. it is a sea coast.

  43. kettle head

  44. Picture of the horse (lungta) on a faded prayer flag.

  45. The head of a mythical dragon boat (also dragonboat).

  46. One of the many buddhist-traditional-dance masks. This one is probably of a horse…

  47. It is a 3-d image of a Giraffe.

  48. a horse which just got bullied by a crane…..

  49. Takin?

  50. One of asha kama’s lungta painting 😉


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