Double wedding

Double the joy

Earlier today, twin sisters Sonam Lucky and Lucky Wangmo married twin brothers Nima Dorji and Dawa Wangchuk in a double wedding.

How rare is that? Very rare. Facts About Multiples, an online encyclopedia of multiple birth records, has recorded just 28 instances of quarternary marriages i.e., twins marrying twins.

How cool is that? Very cool. Many guests talked about the double wedding as a spontaneous opening act to the much anticipated Royal Wedding that we will celebrate in October this year.



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  1. simply beautiful,,,,,,,,,,,

    wish em a very happy and beautiful life ahead

  2. wai chances of making a mistake between the brothers and the sisters mey…..the twins both boys and the girls look perfectly alike…seen in the BBS TV…..therefore!

  3. Not going to say anything, too many dirty thoughts comes to mind.

  4. very beautiful…
    wish m one of them :p

  5. ypenjor,

    No need to worry, it is all in the family. Jokes aside, what a great good feel story, would like to wish the foursome an awesome future.


  6. best wishes alys..they were ma mates in yhs
    and m very happy 4 them too…good luck

  7. Best wishes to all of them. i can say that it is like good way weeding the twins

  8. How beautiful if not arranged by parents anyways all the best and happy life ahead

  9. God have combined them for the wedding so best of luck for their bright future ahead

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