I’m sorry

Yesterday, near Tergola

We walked from Sipsoo in Samtse through Sombaykha, and arrived in Dorikha in Haa yesterday. I couldn’t go online during the entire journey, as I couldn’t connect to B-Mobile’s signal. Their cellular signal was generally unavailable and in the few places that I could connect to B-Mobile, their signal was weak, and data transfer impossible.

It wasn’t like this last year. Then, when I traveled through the same villages, I’d been able to connect to B-Mobile and go online through most of the journey. And I’d celebrated their coverage in Connecting Bhutan.

This time I couldn’t blog or tweet or update my Facebook status. I couldn’t even make phone calls. So I’m sorry for not staying in touch. And I’m grateful to the several readers who have kept the discussions on this blog going.

But connectivity in this remote part of Bhutan is actually still very good. The difference is that now it is powered by Tashi Cell, not B-Mobile. So if you go to Sombaykha or Gakiling, remember to carry a Tashi Cell subscription. I certainly will.

I’m in Dorikha enjoying a crisp winter morning, indulging in my aunt’s hospitality, and making full use of the first B-Mobile signal I’m receiving in days.

Am back in Thimphu later today.


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  1. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to you for having the courage and determination to prove you are right.You won the first ever constitutional case in Bhutan and for that matter, you saved our democracy!! The DPT with Jigme Thinley as its boss almost sabotaged our democracy which was a gift from our Kings while it was still in its infancy. Thanks for saving our democracy. Thanks for being a true leader of this nation. Keep going. Keep walking for the nation. The people are watching you.
    Tashi Delek.

  2. OL,It is good that you often visit your constituents. Just before you, we were there in Gakiling, Mochu, Rangsi and other areas. We walked all the way from Toegola to Dorokha. Wherever we went we saw abject poverty especially in places like Rangsi, and Dungtoe. I just wonder whether you are spending your CDG to help those poor households.

    My personal view is that elected leaders should spent more time with people who have elected them, and try to solve their problems. The going ons in Thimphu such as battle among elites about constitutionality of any government action seem to have no relevance to vast majority of Bhutanese who still live in poverty and daily struggling to meet their basic requirements.

    My sincere advice to all elected leaders is that do not worry so much about who won or lost court case regarding taxation or who said what in the press or assembly. They should worry more about how to help poverty stricken majority in Bhutan and give them decent livelihood sources.

    For OL, I would request you to spend CDG to buy at least water pipe to irrigate drying cardamom plantation in your constituents. For your information, large number of households in your constituents derive all their income from cardamom and livestock rearing. Please help them with your CDG.


  3. lindawangmo says

    Dear OL

    Welcome back, and the first homework you got to do is discourage people from offering you Tashi Delek and than you need to sit down with the media personal, face to Face and explain the people that you are not against the government in raising taxes and that you are against the government not following the proper procedures. You know lot of people think that you are just into not raising the taxes and i think you ought to explain. This should be explained because after the next election if you are in the ruling party and if you raise the taxes, than you know people would backfire.

    My best friend who recently bought a new car says that he gets like few grands on refund and that refund he says is a Dar from the opposition for his new car.

  4. Welcome back Lyonpo and what a pleasant surprise awaited upon your return. I don’t expect you to glee and rejoice in the win as one would in an archery match which you are so fond of, but take it as something that needed to done as a sense of responsibility to the nation. Please continue to be in good accord with your colleagues in the parliament and let them appreciate the good in agreeing to disagree for Bhutan and our democracy.

  5. OL,

    Now you should also work out seriously to win from Election Commission of Bhutan. if you are not olny against the PM and the government and if you are the sole guardian of the constitution, you should take ECB as well to the supreme court and come out with the verdict. People still have unswered feelings on you, this is serious and you will have the consequences from the people if not acted soon.

  6. thuenpapuenshi says

    Please follow Thinlay’s advice and do something worth bragging about. Otherwise forget becoming PM as LindaWangmo thinks, you don’t even stand any chance of being reelected.
    On the issue of whether you have served democracy well or undermined it by sueing the government, we have yet to wait and see.

  7. I liked most the following reponse of the interview conducted by business bhutan with Opposition MP damcho dorji on SC verdict. It goes as follows :

    Business Bhutan : Who do you deem responsible for the issue that became the country’s first constitutional case?

    MP Damchoe: I think everybody in parliament is responsible because we discussed that. I have never said that it is a prime minister or the finance minister who is responsible. All of us including myself are responsible for all of this because we could not come to an agreement whereby we could have resolved this matter without going to the court.

  8. deb-karpo says

    Pl. celebrate your victory! While the verdict was passed, the PM in his reaction seem to reveal his true intention of raising taxes. Earlier, one of the primary reasons for the raise was to control traffic congestion. But it now turns out that there is a deviation from that. Things like “poor will suffer”, objectives of 10th plan will not be met, and all reveals that it was intended to meet the promises and fulfill political intentions. As a taxpayer, I am worried!

  9. Dear OL, please inform the public esp. that the poor will not suffer like what the “grumpy old PM” is trying to misinform the people.I think this is very important and the public mustn’t be misinformed. While we are also in our own ways trying to explain to the people, you and Dasho Damchoe must also appear in the BBS panel discussion to inform our innocent people, who are swayed by the power of hypocricy of our PM.


  11. samundar says

    Oh! Yes and that is why we need opposition to check and balance the govt. Opposition is important and people must know its worth.

  12. thuenpapuenshi says

    Is it true that among those who will get the tax refund are Damchoe Dorji and some SC judges?

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