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Can anyone tell me what this is?



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  1. This is a container which contains a mixture of salt, tobacco etc. which is carried while walking in the forest for keeping the leeches away or to kill the leeches

  2. tshewang says

    it looks like a cap-less bottle. a piece of wood is being used to serve the purpose which would otherwise have been served by a proper cap. the shape of the bottle looks like sewing machine oil containers (bottles).

  3. It is chuna (lime paste) in the container… used to kill leaches

  4. i think this is a lime solution used to kill leeches while travelling in the forest..

  5. i think it is bottle containing some liquid like mixture of lime which we used in doma or other semi poison substances to do away with leeches in the forest…..i often comeacross such sites while visiting the villages.every time leeches climbs over your body, a drop of this subtance is enough to drive away the leeches….

  6. A plastic bottle, tugged at the waist, must be filled with Ara inside

  7. It’s a water/glue bottle of mason/carpenter

  8. gamingumin says

    Whatever it is, how did someone’s ear get stuck to it?

  9. Chitong kapchi says

    A kerosine oil carried in a plastic container with a wooden lid, usually carried by villagers for lighting fire in the Jungle.

  10. Is contains Urea,salt and lime and is used for killing the leeches while travelling in the jungle. This is the famous device to keep away from leeches bites and famous in Dungna, Metekha and Getena Geog under Chukha Dzongkha.

  11. they even use the chlorine also.

  12. what this is, is a vacuum flask sans outer shell – and with modified cap. likely used as mentioned in other posts. go ingenuity. cheers for new-life reuse.
    seriously, someone should rope in some of our brilliant eco friendly rural based resource persons to work as consultants who can provide a lecture-demonstration to so called modern educated masses.

  13. a carpenter with his marking ink in a bottle

  14. Tashi Tobgay says

    This picture reminds me of horsemen from Sombaykha who carried dilute hydrochloric acid to deleach their horses. So I would guess dilute hydrochloric acid in that plastic bottle.

  15. Tashi Tobgay says

    Please not “deleach” should be read as “deleech”. Sorry my spelling.

  16. It is a white plastic bottle with narrow neck and closed with modified wooden cap, and tied around the waist to ensure that it does not fall off while walking. The content could be anything from alcohol to insects (including leech) killing potion concocted with ingredients ranging from herbal extract to lime, acid, salt to tobacco solution. It is carried by people who have to walk through, work or live around the tropical forests.


  17. It is a Bomb.

  18. gamingumin says

    It is the bottle in which candidates for the 2013 elections will carry their Ara or Red Bull while campaigning in the remote areas.

  19. Druk Yul says

    Should be bio insect repellent/deleech.I won’t say as ara container. Just 50-100ml.

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