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Where, in Bhutan, is this place? The best answer wins a packet of Nado’s zurpoe incense.


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  1. Dechencholing, Thimphu

  2. Justforlaughs says

    My internet speed is very slow and it took quite some time for the man carrying water picture to load. Before that i could only see OL’s blog picture of Wangdue Dzong and i thought OL was asking about the Wangdue Dzong picture. So, my answer to that picture of the Dzong was:
    It is either Bhutan or DPT. One of them is going to burn down soon.

  3. Justforlaughs says

    For very obvious reasons I don’t expect to win

  4. Settlement outside Tashichhodzong in Thimphu in early 50’s.

  5. Thimphu, near Tashichhodzong la…

  6. It is the road below which Norlign building stands for now,, right below changangkha Lhakahng …before the cross link to the road that takes to Changankha lhakhang …and ahead to it stands road to Kawajangsa and chubachu.. 😀

  7. I guess this is in Bhutan.

  8. Settlement below Changangkha Lhakhang…
    we can see the part of changangkha lhankhang still in teh picture..

  9. Phobjikha ??

  10. potharey says

    it was the Thimphu Town next to the TashichoDzong.

  11. sonam penjar says

    Paro tshongdue

  12. absorver says

    It should be Paro Town in early days.

  13. wangdi phodrang

  14. Early Thimphu Town near Druk PNB

  15. Bumthang Town in late 50s

  16. …………….not a slightest clue in the picture..I spent at least 15 mins….cant guess at all

  17. sonam penjar says

    Ok I nailed it flat, pass on the poi and I will share some sticks with ABSORVER.

  18. Tashi Chhodzong and settlements outside the dzong

  19. Wangdue Phodrang/ Tencholing

  20. Dagana if not Lhuntse la

  21. Dagana Town in early days…

  22. sergidorji says

    Gangtey Goenpa…:)

  23. Haa….and the boy carrying the water tins is the one who grew up to become OL.

  24. HOL, am eager to know the name of this place??? why don’t you give us the name?

  25. Changangkha lhakang

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