When loss is gain

Our gain

Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, launched When Loss is Gain yesterday, at the closing session of Mountain Echoes 2012, a literary festival that keeps getting bigger and more successful each year.

When Loss is Gain is written by H.E Pavan K. Varma, India’s ambassador to Bhutan, and a prolific writer who has already authored no less than 16 other books. This, however, is his first work of fiction, and one that you will most probably read continuously, in one sitting, from cover to very enjoyable cover.

The story, set mostly in Bhutan, is about the profound transformation in the lives and fortunes of a couple of Indians who accidentally meet in Wangsisina.

The book is already a commercial success in India; a French edition will be released soon; and there’s excited talk about making the story into an international film.

In short, the book has projected Bhutan to India and the world. And in doing so, it will, in some ways, transform the lives and fortunes of Bhutan and her people.

Your Excellency: congratulations … and thank you.


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  1. Mountain Echoes 2012, the third edition, is an excellent idea and a platform for our country and people like us. Such events take place across the globe all the time and for having brought this event to Bhutan, we need to be grateful to the Indian Ambassador and more importantly HM the Queen Mother, Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk, the Royal Patron, without whose presence, the event would not receive the attention it has. That said, we need to do more from our side in terms of preparatory protocols, participation, liaison, venue management, volunteers among other things. We could create a Bhutan Chapter and conduct similar events amongst our local talents which would provide opportunities to both the print and the visual media with little employment chances for the youth.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS !!! your excellency. I am wondering where might the book be available. The title itself is very Buddhists and I can’t wait to avail a copy to read voraciously.

    I would also like to submit my appreciation to HM Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck for initiating such events in Bhutan. We are truly grateful and I join Karma in mentioning that we need to do more to attract such events in Bhutan in the near future.

    Thank you la.

  3. while the literary and cultural fest is of high importance with huge impact on artists, authors, writers and the likes.. . some of the speakers this wur not very competent nor capable enough in my view.
    one of the new chapters added to the fest by Siyahi was the inclusion of a session on media and democracy and this year’s topic of discussion turned out to be impact of media on policy making and the session indeed could be rated awesome. However, one of the panelists, Mr Mitra Raj said Bhutanese journalism lacked skilled professional particularly hinting at the new and young reporters. his negative remark of saying some young employees of media house ‘couldnt differentiate b/ween a lede and a quote’ rings more hollower than most of the stories he covered when he reported for onna the pvt papers. Mitra failed to understand that these young journalists had a major hand in the revolution of bhutanese media and yes, the session was on the impact of media on policy making. The old farts, which he referred to as skilled professionals failed to cover many areas which could have made an impact on policy making. It is because of these young journalists who stormed in post 2007 to change the entire media scenario in Bhutan. The young lot displayed more courage, boldness and apolitical approach in reporting many issues, the effect of which is obvious!!!
    By the way, no one said Mitra Raj is an ethical or a skilled professional. He still haven’t understood the trade as yet. we can very well see his expertise in his poorly managed Drukpa magazine. … which is on and off !! @ !!

  4. next time around, we look forward to interacting with more professionals than wannabe writers .. . Mitra Raj and his kind are not acceptable. Neither is kuensel’s sonam pelden!!! come on ppl.. its a disgrace.. . !!!

  5. hahahaha you mean there were wannabe writers on the panel. It is a joke if it is true. We should have acclaimed writers or artists talking and participating in such forums. The wannabee’s should be in the audience listening and gearing up for their book, articles or what ever and then com on board the panel. I agree with Dorji, that we need to put up a good show and not compromise quality of such prestigious forums.

  6. loss of ethics says

    have u seen the picture mitraraj puts up about himself on the editors page of the non punctual DRUKPA magazine? he looks like some hollyhood/bollyhood hunk in his hey days… the dress code & the pose is complete irony to the titile of the magazine……. people living in glass houses should not throw stones on others

  7. Guys, don’t start a vicious argument here! We are all learning to learn something not quite common in our midst. Instead we should suggest ways to improve ourselves to enable our local talents to showcase such events on our own. Everybody makes mistakes including the govt. and individuals are more prone to do that. We should now step out from the game of forever shifting blames and claiming credits, come to terms with our short comings, face realities and celebrate little achievements not bitch, bicker and lament on things that may sometimes not work the way we would like1

  8. @karma tenzin .. learning doesnt begin with one humiliating another in an international forum. This aint no vicious argument boi, we just spilling fact!! everybody makes mistake but intentional mistakes are not acceptable especially when it is the government whos guilty!!!

  9. Facts must be substantiated as you well know or they’ll just land up in disputes without a winner! Anyway, I don’t remember any humiliating thing in any of the sessions there that we should be ashamed of. All of us have rights to our own opinions that do not necessarily have to be agreeable to others. Have fun!

  10. both of u are wrong….. the article is on the book title’ When Loss is Gain’ so discuss and debate on the topic or article…..hahaha
    Guys cheer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hero, you are the man! Honestly I disregarded the book part for reasons to be left aside. My point was about the Mountain Echoes affair as a whole, which i personally thought was good for us all. I’m sorry if I barked up the wrong tree.

  12. While I agree that the young journalists (professionally trained or not) have made a huge contribution to the media revolution there are also fair share of criticism to them. Few journalists really need to be professional. Please avoid dramatization (although they make you sell the story). Dont be vindictive or subjective. Give us true news. Be fair and please please please don’t ever print a hastely written news which is devoid of proper research.
    A challenge i would wish to throw to the Bhutanese journalists now is to prepare the bhutanese for the next election. Inform and educate them well so that they make an informed decision for the benefit of our democracy. Don’t just inform the people of the urban centers. Go to the remote corners and do what you can for all of us. Nurture citizen journalists, educate us on the need for healthy debates and recognition of diferences.
    i know you have done a good job so far. And i am sure you gyes will do it again and in a mucch professional manner…
    Best of luck…

  13. @Karma. . come on now. i aint ashamed jus becuz of the hollow comment made by the incompetent panelist. which in this case happened to be Mitra!! and cudnt giv two shit bout whoz gon b d winner of wot dispute you are yapping about. . my point here is ..some of our speakers at the lit-fest donot qualify as one!!!@! so dat..next tym around, we can have some gud discussions..

  14. Roger that Dorjj! I’m going to be one of the organizing members for 4th. edition of the Mountain Echoes and should naturally have some say on the local matters in terms of participants’ public worth, experience and people with matured intelligence with required dignity.

  15. i was trying to pour cold water on heated debate….. sorry fren. u r both rite, coming on moutain echoes. it is very constructive debate that might help organizer in organizing it well henceforth.

  16. Dorjj surely is a fool. Name one good writer in Bhutan and then let’s see what you say make any sense.
    Mr. Dorji, wake up! We have no established writers in Bhutan at all.Like it or not, this is the truth. Except for Dorji Wangchuk’s memoir ‘Off Homeshore’ and ‘The Treasures of the Thunder Dragon’ (another memoir) by Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, the rest of the self published books are craps.

  17. Where is the question of established writers versus wannabe writers in Bhutan? What is our government doing to lift reading and writing culture in Bhutan? How many publishers do we have in Bhutan? Is Mt. Echoes really helping promote reading, writing and publishing culture in Bhutan or is it just a forum for the usual popular culture like media, change, GNH etc.? or just a rendezvous for some Indian writers and Bollywood actors? How is our government helping our wannabe writers to become writers? What are they doing? Have they done anything?
    These are questions you should be asking before you think what you are saying is right.

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