The constitution of our nation

Today, we celebrate our 101st National Day. Today will also mark the culmination of the year-long celebrations commemorating a century of peace, prosperity and happiness under our beloved monarchs.

As we conclude the historic celebrations of 100 years of monarchy, we have many reasons to be deeply thankful: a secure and sovereign homeland, a vibrant culture and religion, a largely pristine environment, free healthcare and education, a unique democracy, and a growing economy. Simply put, we live longer, better and happier lives.

And as we enter the next 100 years as a unified nation, we must uphold our two most important assets to ensure that we and future generations continue to enjoy peace, prosperity and happiness. The first asset is our monarchy. This important institution, which is the essence and very basis of our kingdom, must be protected, nurtured and cherished by all Bhutanese – in body, speech and mind – so that future generations can enjoy what we today take for granted.

The second is our Constitution. This sacred document, gifted to us from the Golden Throne, must be defended – rights enjoyed and duties fulfilled – by all Bhutanese, for all time.


Our Constitution came into effect on 18 July, 2008. 152 days have already passed since the historic signing of this sacred document, and it has still not been properly distributed. Forget farmers, none of the gups I’ve met have received a copy of the Constitution.


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