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As Bhutan is a small country with a small population we must never allow ourselves to reach a situation where we are unable to provide employment to our people. Ensuring that this does not happen is an important responsibility of the government.

His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, 17 December, 2000, Trashigang


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  1. Yes, OL has time and again raising this issue and this is a serious issue that all of us have to seriously work hard to fullfill the dream of our beloved 4th King. Employment and Labour Ministry has to find immediate solution to it or we will not have peace in the long run.
    The solution like having an institute to train our youth for Hydro power project will be of great help and may be able to solve the problem. However, we may not look at small businesses or already saturated Corporate bodies to solve the unemployment problem.
    I hope and wish E&LM work towards giving mass training to our unemployed youth to deploy in mass in the hydro electric projects.
    What do others have to say?

  2. The intake capacity at VTI Ranjung Trashigang should be increased to train electricians, mechanics, plumbers etc. The other alternative is to open a much bigger specific skill training institute somewhere in the country, but not in Thimphu. The course for specific skills training should be based on market requirement or requirement of potential recruiting agencies, business, corporation or whatever. Unless we take bold step this issue of unemployment will linger for a long time. For sake of country’s future and for improvement of livelihood of our younger generation Government must wage all out war on unemploymnet. Simply organizing workshops, meetings etc. is not enough. Job fair is one way to deal with the problem, but unless Government make major investment in development specific skills requirement unemployment problem will continue to haunt us.


  3. YES, SUCH A SMALL COUNTRY. SUCH A SMALL POPULATION. SO RICH IN NATURAL RESOURCES. Yet why are we so poor? Yet why are we so backward? Yet why are we at the bottom of the HDI ranking? Yet why is the quality of lives of our people so pathetic? I wonder and wonder.

    When I was in college, I used to dream our country will become a Switzerland of Asia with all our tradition and culture intact, but now I have given up on that hope. Every passing days terrify me that soon our country will become a Himalayan Jagaion, filled with unemployed youths, rapists, gangsters and beggars.

  4. Tshering says

    I do believe that in His Majesty’s foresightedness and wisdom, He does see a beautiful happy Bhutan filled with prayer flags and resounding of chants in the valleys. Now the only thing that we the civil servants need to do is to discover the potentials of our youth and not blame them for the mistakes we made.

    Happy Bhutan with talented youth making the most contribution for the protection of the Tsa Wa Sum and economic contentment!!!

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