Gift from the Golden Throne



One year ago, on 18th July 2008, His Majesty the King signed the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan. I am pleased to reproduce below, His Majesty the King’s address to the Nation on that historic day.

On this day of destiny, in the blessed land of Pelden Drukpa we, a fortunate People and King, hereby resolve to bring into effect the root and foundation – the very source – of all law in our nation.

On such an auspicious occasion, on behalf of the people I offer gratitude to His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. During his reign His Majesty built a strong nation and secured the hopes and aspirations of the people through the process of democratization and the enlightened vision of Gross National Happiness. His Majesty has also laid a clear path for our future through this Constitution.

The significance of His Majesty’s unique achievements as leader has transcended the experiences of our country and been acknowledged by the world. In our own country, many generations into the future, the Constitution will continue to inspire our people as it stands testimony to a selfless and extraordinary leadership.

This Constitution is the most profound achievement of generations of endeavor and service. As it is granted to us today, we must remember that even more important than the wise and judicious use of the powers it confers, is the unconditional fulfillment of the responsibilities we must shoulder. Only in understanding our duties will the exercise of our powers be fruitful. If we can serve our nation with this knowledge and in this spirit, then an even brighter future awaits our country.

It is my fervent prayer that through this Constitution we will, with our body, speech and mind work with complete commitment and conviction as we strengthen the sovereignty and security of Bhutan; secure the blessings of liberty; ensure justice and peace and enhance the unity and happiness of all Bhutanese, now and always.

Lastly, this Constitution was placed before the people of the twenty dzongkhags by the King. Each word has earned its sacred place with the blessings of every citizen in our nation. This is the People’s Constitution.

And today, through this, my Hand and Seal, I affix on to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan, the hopes and prayers of my People.


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  1. The actual signature of His Majesty the King.

    Pictures clicked on the day of the signing.

  2. The way the DPT is going about things, I get the feeling that with the signing and the sealing of the Constitution, the fate of the people has been signed off as well.

  3. On this sacred day that commemorates the “People’s Constitution”, our thoughts must transcend partisan ones.

    What have I learned during this year past?

    The Constitution defined the initial extent of the land we are to farm. It is up to us to cultivate it. And, it is up to us to expand or shrink the land, if and when such needs arise.

    We are the ones who decide what, when and how to plant seeds, the quality of which we are to select with care ourselves. Nobody else but ourselves.

    It will be a hard never-ending work of 24/7, tilling, irrigating, fertilizing, weeding … And, it will be a work impossible without the goodwill, compassion, and cooperation of all others farming this land.

    The Heaven will send pests, diseases, droughts, floods, hails, wind, wild animals, even thieves, and everything else beyond our control — as if to test our resolve and unity.

    But, we must go on. We must go on learning, with mistakes as well as successes swelling our wisdom — collectively for all and for generations to come. Our life on this land literally depends on it.

    In all this, we must keep our sights high, as humanly as possible, beyond all that is petty and selfish and short-sighted.

    All, for tsa wa sum.

  4. Democracy will work well when common people are allowed to ask questions and and seek accountability from the Govt. It will become meaningful only when people can exercise their rights and achieve freedom from fear and want,therefore State must create such environment.

    We the people must take care of this sacred document “The Constitution of Bhutan” the Gift from the golden Throne.

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