Happy Birthday

Earlier today, 14 lucky students got to wish His Majesty the King Happy Birthday! I’m very happy for them.

I’m also proud of them. For those 14 children, all toppers in the 2008 national examinations, gave our monarch a valuable gift – the promise “that their young little hands grow to become strong and worthy of carrying our nation to greater heights.”

On the happy occasion of His Majesty’s 29th Birth Anniversary, I join those successful students, and the entire nation, in wishing our beloved king Happy Birthday! And in offering prayers for His Majesty’s long life.

May peace, prosperity and happiness flourish in Drukyul under the glorious reign of the Fifth Druk Gyalpo.


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  1. I join every Bhutanese and well-wishers to wish our great king a happy birthday. Long Live Our King. May our sweet and effective politicians pursue our King’s dream of Gross National Happiness.

    Elsewhere in the world if politicians fail, a nation fails but we didn’t fail because of our Druk Gyalpo. DRUK GYALPO KUTSEY RING WA SHO CHILA.

  2. Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to our HM, the jewel of our kingdom.
    I wish him good health and happiness.

  4. I was driving from Paro to Thimphu yesterday and switched on BBS radio and was pleasantly surprised to be able to listen to HM’s speech to the NIE convocation – I think…

    Anyway, it was a very inspiring speech for all of us citizens to bear in mind of what ever HM said that day. There was a message there for all concerned like the youth of Bhutan, civil servants, business people, the clergy and you name it – it was an awe inspiring speech for all walks of life.

    We would like the BBS as well as Kuzoo FM to broadcast this speech often so that we are all reminded of our responsibilities as responsible citizens of Bhutan.

    Happy Birthday to His Majesty and we look forward to your dynamic reign to fill the void between humble citizens and the democratic government, to enlighten the members of parliament as often as possible so that they are not led by greed but be led by a vision for the country, and lastly to the youth of this country who will no doubt be the future backbone of the country if led in right direction. We have much hope and have no doubts that all will fare well under HM’s reign and we will all join to fulfill the vision of your Majesty.

    A humble citizen.

  5. Barent Springsted says

    How do you write HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the Bhutanese language?

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