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An earthquake, a storm and a fire recently ravaged our country in quick succession causing our people untold grief and suffering. And people from all walks of life, within the country and without, have come together in support of the victims of the these natural calamities that hit Eastern Bhutan especially hard.

But not all of us know how to help. For instance, two Bhutanese students, both in America, asked me how and where they should send their contributions. And, a foreigner asked me the same questions too.

The best and easiest way to help is by contributing to His Majesty’s Kidu Fund that has been established to facilitate support and rebuilding in the affected areas. People living outside Bhutan can contribute to the Kidu Fund by sending their donations to Bhutan National Bank. For more information on the Kidu Fund, contact Zimpon Wongma Pema Chewang by telephone (number +975-1762-1213) or email (

Meanwhile, His Majesty the King will be visiting the areas most affected by the natural disasters.


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  1. Honorable OL,

    I hear a lot abouth our HM’s Kidu Fund. It is very good to know that His Majesty personally cares a lot about our people but then why only HM’s Kidu Fund? I think it is a non-governmental institution (NGO). Or is it within the framework of our government? If it is not, then what is our government doing and what did it do so far? Any government relief fund? How much? How are they galvanising the effort to help the victims? Please give us an insight.

    Thank you.

  2. For those people outside, especially in US, a better option would be to contribute the amount to Bhutan Foundation via a secure online system. Bhutan Foundation is also collecting donations from individuals in US for the relief fund. The fee for transferring can be better utilized since the amount you donate to Bhutan Foundation is going to HM’s Relief Fund anyway.

  3. Everyone please read till the end.
    Hon’ble Ol,
    Thank for your clarification earlier. I got in touch with Bhutan Foundation and this is what I did.

    Hi there,

    As you might be aware, a serious 6.3 Ritcher earthquake hit eastern Bhutan at 02:53 pm on Monday Sept. 21st 2009 and caused terrible damages in the epicenter at Mongar. Emergency rescue teams are still working at the sites.

    Fatalities include: 1,900 homes damaged, 47 schools, 130 Lhakhangs (Temples), 180 chortens (Stupas), 5 BHUs, 12 deaths and 25 injured and still counting…

    The news of the unfortunate incident are found in all major national and international papers, a few are linked below.

    Bhutan Foundation, a Non-Profit organization established in the United States to support non-governmental and other charitable organizations in Bhutan is organizing donations for the victims of the incident. Their aim is to raise emergency funds for restoration of damage to Dzongs and Lhakhangs as damage to infrastructure was the worst.

    The Bhutan office of Bhutan Foundation says that with whatever funds they can raise from individuals, they are going to contribute to His Majesty’s welfare office as they are directly mobilizing relief work supplying blankets and mainly tarpaulin for temporary sheds to the communities. They have also been in close communication with the Ministry of Home and Culture Affairs which is directly coordinating the relief activities at the effected sites.

    In view of the emergency and unfortunate catastrophe you are kindly requested to donate some amount to the Bhutan Foundation.

    If donations are made online please select ‘General Bhutan Foundation’ and send an email on the amount and inform us that it is restricted for the earthquake []. If checks are sent to our address in Washington, please insert ‘earthquake relief’ near memo.

    Please take an action and also let your friends and family help as well. Pass on the message please.

    Every penny would make a difference in the lives of those ill-fated victims on cold Himalayan Mountains.

    Thank you,

    May peace be on earth.

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