Nazhoen Pelri, Phuntsholing

Yesterday I had the good fortune of attending the opening ceremony of Nazhoen Pelri, YDF’s youth hostel in Phuntsholing. The hostel was inaugurated by the YDF President, Her Majesty Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck. I am pleased the post Her Majesty’s address to YDF supporters, the Phuntsholing community and the youth of Bhutan.

Almost four years have passed since the Youth Development Fund initiated our plan of making a hostel in Phuntsholing, a hostel which will be useful for providing the youth with low cost housing. Today, our plans have finally become a reality and we now have Nazhoen Pelri Youth hostel. When I look around, my heart is filled with pride and happiness as I see a place of hope and a place of great potential.

For this we have to thank the Jaypee Group and in particular their Joint Managing Director, Mr Pankaj Gaur. They have not only funded the building of the hostel but have generously offered us 20 scholarships, 10 every year at the under graduate level in some of the best IT colleges in India, and 10 at the certificate technical level, for 10 years starting from 2005. We truly value the genuine friendship between the YDF and the Jaypee Group and look forward to many years of friendship and cooperation. Through their endless generosity and support, the Jaypee Group has helped shaped many aspects of Bhutan thus re-enforcing the friendship between India and Bhutan, and for this reason alone, they will always be a friend not only to the YDF but to Bhutan as well.

The Youth Development Fund, with the assistance of the Jaypee Group of India has offered this valuable gift to the youth of Bhutan. In turn, I would like to make a personal request to the Phuntsholing community: Let us join hands in making this center a worthwhile and meaningful place for the youth. This can only be achieved if the facility is well utilized and is a safe haven free from drugs, alcohol and violence. An Advisory Committee comprising of community leaders will steer the management of this center. Hence, I would like to encourage the community to make this establishment a fine example of a well run center that promotes community unity and social development.

As Bhutan’s leading youth organization, the Youth Development Fund is “committed to ensure that all youth have equal access to education, meaningful employment and opportunities to develop their potential. Our programs build leadership skills, encourage teamwork and promote the value of service among youth. Through advocacy work and strategic partnerships, we work to encourage youth participation, raise awareness of youth issues and promote youth oriented policy.” In pursuance of this mission, we are building youth facilities because we believe in the importance of developing competencies other than academic and vocational training such as personal and social skills. We hope that the youth hostel in Phuntsholing will be a role model in using the center for self development and undertaking outreach work in social services.

Today, it not only gives me much pleasure to be attending the consecration of our youth hostel but it also makes me very happy to have the chance to meet you, the youth in Phuentsholing. I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about youth related problems. I am particularly concerned about the increasing abuse of drugs and alcohol by our youth and young adults. As we all know, Phuntsholing is a gateway for narcotics into Bhutan. Therefore, you have a great responsibility to bear. There are many institutions and programmes to address the problem. Nonetheless, it is you who can play a vital role in helping others or yourself by being responsible and preventing the trafficking of narcotics, youth crime, gang violence, vandalism, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and even HIV/AIDS. The challenges ahead may seem daunting but you have to strive forward and push yourself to overcome them to achieve your dreams. You must never forget that you are precious not only for the country but also for your family and community and together we have to help protect our beloved kingdom.

I wish the community of youth and the people of Phuntsholing all the best in their effort to lead the country in establishing a model community center.

Tashi Delek!

Portrait of Her Majesty from the YDF website


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  1. Good story.

    Thanks to the Jaypee Group and the people involved. The company has been exhibiting a great sense of Corporate Social Responsibility.

  2. If nazhoen pelri of phuntsholing is anything like the one in Thimphu – it will be exemplery. It is very well planned and focused for the youth. I would like to commend & respectfully appreciate HM Ashi's very kind gesture in initiating this. However, it is a sad scenario that the YDF is not able to make programs to attract the youth in the centre. Ashi has done her job being the patron for the YDF but I think it is time now for other members to do more for the youth. Millions of Ngultrums are spent in building these infrastructure but it is not adequately utilised. Visit the YDF complex any day in Thimphu and it is a shame that one will see hardly any youth in that area.

    Please do something YDF managers. We need action now than talk. organize musical shows, organize youth activities or some other things that will attract youth there. You cannot let a brand new property build for the youth go to waste without the youth ever utilizing it.

    HM Ashi can only do so much and now it is upto the YDF managers to act. Save our youth from doing drugs, gang fights, and engaging in unhealthy practices. You need to buck up now…. PLEASE…

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