Royal decree

I see two important points in His Majesty the King’s kasho instituting the Royal Commission and outlining the process to establish the first Supreme Court of Bhutan.

The first is that the delay in establishing the Supreme Court was deliberate. It was meant to make the “… new democratic institutions learn to work together in harmony, and with unity of purpose, in the interest of the Nation and People.”

The second is that, His Majesty the King has devolved his authority and created an even more transparent process of establishing the Supreme Court. Though Article 21, Section 4 of the Constitution authorizes the Druk Gyalpo to appoint the Chief Justice of Bhutan in consultation with the National Judicial Commission, His Majesty’s kasho empowers the Royal Commission to recommend “…one person to assume the post of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.”


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  1. Dear OL
    I think the game plan is slowly emerging and as far as I can see it, it is a good one. I give my whole hearted support to His Majesty on the way He is playing this thing out.

    However, people need to be informed properly or the they need to read the Kasho properly. I have heard people discussing the legality of HM appointing the National Judicial Commission. People need to know that what has been appointed is not the NJC, but a Royal Commission in the interim. The Royal Commission is not to be mistaken for NJC.

  2. Of course I am not ignoring that fact that the cart has been put before the horse 🙂

  3. ONE Supreme Court: YES.
    ONE Chief Justice: NO.

  4. I do not understand how people vote. You vote in your heart. I find hard to see some people voting over everything. Oneday I am sure such people will even vote on whether or not to retain their spouses. Because we are a democratic country does not mean that we need to vote for everthing.

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