Birthday celebrations

Sombaykha Dungkhag

Sombaykha is the latest of our country’s 16 dungkhags. It was established barely two years ago to serve the two remote gewogs of Sombaykha and Gakiling. The offices of the dungkhag, which consists of three makeshift houses, are located in Sibthang along the banks of the Amochu.

Last Sunday, on 21 February, farmers from Gakiling and Sombaykha, descended on their dungkhag to celebrate His Majesty the King’s birth anniversary.

This week’s banner features the dungkhag office. More photographs of the festivities are in the gallery.


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  1. Dear OL,
    Thank you for kindly posting the pictures of celebration of our King’s birthday at Sibthang. It must have been a grand celebration, I suppose. But it must have also been hard on the people to organize such an event at a desolated place.

    I still can not understand why the authorities have established the Dungkhag office there. It is at least an hour’s walk from any village around. Therefore it does not have the facilities for Schools, BHU and other service centers. We could establish some centers there, but the beneficiaries still live far away places.

    We should reconsider relocating the Dungkhag office at a suitable place.There are two major reasons why we should not have the Dungkhag office there.

    1. Sibthang is a meadow created by flash floods from Amochu river in the past. It still has the vulnerability of being washed away by one of the streams flowing adjacent to Sibthang if not from the main river. Should it face such disaster later, it is going to be a pure blunder/negligence of the authorities and community leaders. I guess the Disaster management of the RGOB should have a say on this.
    2. Sibthang is located at an altitude of around 800 meters. It is hot and humid and living there could be terrible without the facilities of electricity. Last year a lady in her twenties had died of dengue fever and I am sure there will be many victims for the year ahead.

    Suggestions: I would wish the Dungkhag office is relocated at a suitable place free from Malaria/dengue and closer to a school or a BHU. I would suggest two places, 1. Khamina/Tarkha,1,200 m or 2. at Tsep bji,1050 m. These two places are stable in terms of natural calamities, are at a close proximity to the villages and facilities such as BHU and school and above all they are centrally located considering the farthest villages of Sombeykha (upstream) and Ngatsena/Thongdakha (Down stream).

    It is still not too late to relocate the Dungkhag office as it is still in a form of make shift huts.
    Would appreciate the views of Dasho Dungpa, Sangbeykha and Dasho Dzongda, Haa.
    Thank you.

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