Day of destiny


On this day, two years ago, His Majesty the King, by warrant under His hand and seal, sanctioned the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

To commemorate the historic event I visited the Tashichhodzong earlier today. In its Kunrey – the sacred chamber where the Constitution was signed and officially took effect – I offered butter lamps and prayers, and reflected on how we, parliamentarians, have served or failed our Constitution so far.


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  1. You parliamentarians have failed it.
    We the people have failed it.
    Nobody is adhering to it.
    It has no more value than the toilet papers!!

  2. Drakpa

    Now that’s pessimism at its height.I think, few incidences of (mis)interpretation notwithstanding, which again is expected, I think they have done a good job in upholding the sanctity of the document.

    A word of caution though: Parliamentarians cannot and should not (mis)interpret the provisions of the constitution to suit their own agenda/purpose/thought/ action.It will be criminal to do that.

  3. TrueDukpa says

    And we already saw incidences of mis-interpretation of the constitution to suit their needs.

    In the name of upholding the constitution, three most important events soared but without much hindrance:

    1. Unjustified and bypassed tax reform
    2. McKinsey Project and
    3. The most recent event, waiver of applicable Nu. 3.681 mn to TT Contractor by MoWHS Minister, openly bypassing rules and regulations and against Ministerial Tender Committee, an indication that DPT is above the constitution and laws in the country.

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