Precious gifts

His Majesty’s birthday gifts to the people of Bhutan: a vibrant media and a strong judiciary for a successful democracy.


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  1. It is of great joy and the citizens of Bhutan being very fortunate and blessed to have our reign of kings very humble and responsive to the needs of the people. Where right now at the earlier state of democracy where media serves to be one form of govt. where transparency and accountability is assured. So there fore when we vibe the need of strong media with the BICMA to have dual understanding of the media from BICMA & BMF where in times some authorities and decisions of BICMA are weak and not persistent. BICMA has to open the curtains and see what is out of the window.
    We look forward for a vibrant media.

  2. We do have all the great gifts from our beloved Kings: GNH, democracy, free media and strong judiciary BUT will our people actually have these things in real life is yet to see.

  3. thank your majesty for your unfailing support,and guidance, your continuous kindness and compassion to the people. we love you. when time fail, when system fail, when people fail, when democracy fail to provide justice. your majesty is always there for you.
    democracy, seldom is becoming more hostile and precarious to the system itself, forget about the people. still your are there to guide the politician and people to the right part.
    we need and democracy need your majesty’s guidance.
    long live ur majesty. love u.

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