Superman and the carpenter

Flying kisses

Business Bhutan carried an interesting story last week. It was about a young student’s fantastic encounter with His Majesty the King.

Here’s another story…

When Galek came home from school recently, she excitedly announced that she had met His Majesty the King. She explained that our monarch had visited Thimphu Primary School that day. And, she recounted every detail of the royal visit, from the stories that His Majesty had told them and the soelra that they had received, to the songs that they had sung and the flying kisses that they had exchanged.

“Our King told us a story about a carpenter”, broadcast Galek. “A rich man ordered a poor carpenter to build a house. And when the house was complete he unexpectedly gave it to the carpenter. The carpenter was very happy. But after a few years, his house started crumbling. The carpenter regretted that he had not built the house well. The moral of story is that we must always work hard and work honestly!”

“When our King was a young prince”, she continued gushing, “His favourite superhero was Superman!”

Later that evening, before her bath, she carefully placed two invisible objects on the dressing mirror. And, immediately afterwards, she plucked the invisible objects off the mirror and gently put them in her pocket.

Seeing her exaggerated movements, her perplexed mother inquired, “What was that all about?”

“Flying kisses”, answered Galek. “Our King blew us flying kisses. I caught two of them!”

She went on to explain that the students had blown flying kisses to His Majesty the King. He had collected all of them, promising to use them for energy while trekking across high mountains and low valleys to meet our people who live in remote villages. In return, His Majesty had given them flying kisses.

About a week later, Galek’s mother opened her closet, and discovered that her daughter had secretly decorated two portraits of His Majesty the King with her prized stickers

“The flying kisses are there,” she pointed. “They remind me of Superman and the carpenter.”


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  1. nice touching story

  2. i always wanted to write this story too but glad thatit has been put down 🙂

  3. Interesting, meaningful and highly honourable story. I really enjoyed the story.

  4. I love the story. Thanks.

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