Thanking His Majesty

Earlier today, His Majesty the King was received in a traditional chipdrel procession to the inaugural ceremony of the fifth session of the Parliament.

My statement, expressing the opposition party’s gratitude to His Majesty, is available here.


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  1. I had a slight glimpse of what PM, OL and others said during first day of the NA. To me it was simply waste of time and public money. Nothing productive.

  2. superman 000 says

    action speak louder….

  3. to me its like the old chimi style kind of buttering, all rosey words meaning nothing

  4. Agreed there was nothing new in the session and the speakers had the same things to say. But we are what we are;culture and tradition bound. However, the OL did his duty very well. I enjoyed it thoroughly! OL’s job can be demanding given the circumstances! Well done OL!

  5. I learnt one thing from OL’s speech and that is our King follows our Constitution with utmost sincerety and dedication but PM Jigme Thinley is above our Constitution. He doesn’t have to follow our Constitution-the cdg, MP pay rise, gups pay rise, McKinsey etc etc etc… all not according to our Constitution. Jigme Thinley is our new King now???

  6. @drakpa thats what dictators do in many countries…but the judicial/supreme court should be bold enough to correct and bring people to justice. many head of the governments are brought to justice after their term

  7. Burden-of-Skepticism says

    Thanking His Majesty during the national Assembly has become a ritual. I feel that people do it just for the sake of it.His Majesty’s work and love for His people are uncompromising and unquestionable. Such acts cannot be thanked with all those empty words roaring in that supreme hall. I am sure, HM himself would know what our honourable members are up to.

    Rather, our honourable members could try to emulate some of the qualities that our His Majesty is demonstrating. let your actions speak more than your hollow words.

    Preach what you practice and practice what you preach -GNH, otherwise would remain just a concept.

    Good luck to Honourable OL during the Assembly.

    with regards

  8. dear mr. Dakpa had it been other one in PM JYT shoe we could have suffered more. but i agree with Thinley & karma y.

  9. One thing that comes out loud and clear from the OL’s “vote of thanks” is the ridiculing of all efforts and achievements of the government. At the end of his ‘lecture’ you will feel (if you are stupid) as if the government has achieved nothing!!!

    Nice political strategy, OL. You seem to be learning the ropes of politics!!

  10. OL is building himself up to be the next PM…nothing more, nothing less.

  11. zamtap…i agree with you…i quote you, “had it been other one in PM JYT shoe we could have suffered more”….yes, you are right…i feel the same….but that is not the point…the point is..anyone whosoever…the “other one” or this PM JYT or anyone else…in the PM shoe must never violate our Constitution at all costs..and anyone who will not respect our Constitution for whatsoever reasons will not be tolerated by the people….and will be considered as a tyrant more than a leader….he/she must be brought to justice….if I or anyone of my guys become a future PM, we will make sure all violations of Constitution by this DPT government are filed to the Supreme Court and make them pay for what they have wrongly done….this is a warning for this DPT government…you will never walk free….you will have to pay for what you have illegally done….don’t think you can break laws and walk free after your term….people are keeping records….and you have just about three years to go.

  12. Yes, PM use to talk above and I too Agree wit Drakpa. Last time during the conference with Gup the PM said that there will be pay increase and on top of that they are given Voucher. I think this is just to please gup for the future because soon there will be local government election. DPT they are worried about the future election.During the campaigne they said that there will be 100 percent pay increase to all the civil servant but after the election where they failed. They are promise breaker and I think they are worst than shoe maker. During recent conference with Gup they have raised pay to gup where most of the gup don’t deserve. last time during my visit to Bumthang and soon it came into the media like that during my tour to gakiling and sangbaykha I heard that Gakiling gup hardly comes to the office and most of the time he is busy with his personal work and people have to travel till Haa to get his sign.People living in Gakiling geog said that he never comes to the village only for his benefit. How comes these people were given such facilities.
    I think they dont deserve instead they should be chocked out immediately.

  13. Phuntsholing says

    Nice Comments Guys…….

    Good to hear that Our King Follows constitution while as PM JYT does not. Who likes to commend the achievements of your rival anyway………As far as I am concerned PM JYT is a Great PM……Bhutan is blessed to have JYT as our first PM

    Was it neccessary for our OL to remind about the constitution to our King…….As far as I am concerned, it was not neccessary at all….

  14. You are right, it is not necessary for OL to remind HM about the Constitution.

    But, I think OL’s message was meant indirectly to the other people in the NA hall – to those who are not taking our Constitution seriously. His subtle message was to let the people know about the importance that our beloved King attaches to the Constitution.

  15. observer says

    You don’t know that Gakiling gup is relative of OL.I think by the behaviour and attitude of the present gup of Gakiling, some percent of vote to OL for next time is lost because last year when I went on official tour to gakiling geog and came from Samtse,when I listen to the people of this geog it seems that they lost faith on OL.People they said that we can only see our gup with OL. Otherwise we wont be able to see him dont talk about meeting him. I think OL should talk to people about this and clarify.We want you to be our next PM.The gup has dishearten all poor people where they have right for their individual vote.

  16. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh! is it? I din’t know that. If it is then gup is taking full advantage of OL.I think at this point then there are chances that gup is not for gakiling people he is only meant for OL right?He is just for sake as a gup rite for the people but poor people under gakiling geog are really suffering alot.

  17. OL does nothing to the country but he is always not happy to the running government. However, he can do nothing being only as OL. Try to win in next election and then we can judge your outcome.


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