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  1. We truly witnessed history in making. A historic wedding…a historic never before participation of common men in joys of his King…a celebration unique in many ways…

    No wonder the entire event; first in Punakha and then in Thimphu was mesmerizing.

    It was not only celebrations of Royal Wedding but also was a showcase to outside world as to what the youngest democracy has to offer. The warm gesture shown by the Royalties to each and every guest and to countrymen is unprecedented in world history.

    In the entire scheme of events one issue touched me the most. It gave me a dream to visualise the future of Bhutan. The performance by the honourable MPs allongwith His Majesty was a unique and most precious treat to our eyes. I consider myself blessed that I was there. It gives me hopes that despite the influence of corruption in society we do have love and respect for each others happiness. It is this respect for each others happiness which is the essence of Bhutanese society visioned by our great Kings.

    Long live the dream of a world where everyone cares for other human being.

    Just a thought…

  2. Yangka Chojay says



    I LOVE YOU.!

  3. Tashi Delek to Your Majesties from the Tangbi Community of Trongsa

  4. May more peace and happiness prevail in the Kingdom.

  5. Yes peace and happiness will definately prevail with Their Majesties as the custodian of this Kingdom. We wish Their Majesties a very happy married life and a hier to the throne soon. Pelden Drukpa Gyalo.

  6. Thumbs up!

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