25 additional colonels make our armed forces that much more stronger. His Majesty the King, who is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, granted promotions to the accomplished officers this morning.

I thank the officers for their outstanding services to the tsa-wa-sum, and wish them and their families a very hearty Tashi Delek!


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  1. Karma yangzom says

    Congratulation to all the Colonels. Thank you for the peace and security we enjoy.

  2. INVISIBLE says

    Bestowing of well deserved “higher responsibility” on them for their unfailing service to the nation. I join OL in congratulating them and their families with happiness for this recognition, and wish them further for their continued unfailing service to the nation as they taken on “high responsibility.”

    With admiration & respects,

  3. I remain grateful for the military and security they provide. All of the new 25 colonels have proven track of records that we have seen. They have distinguished themselves and the honor they have received from His Majesty is well deserved. Tashi Delek to them from a grateful Bhutanese

  4. An ecouragement to serve more for those who have few more years to serve. A Soelra for those it is time to retire. My heartfelt Tashi delek too!

  5. Truth_is_Buddha says

    Tashi Delek to all the officers and gentlemen in uniform.

  6. I too join all fellow Bhutanese in offering my heartiest congratulations to our brave officers on their well deserved promotions.

  7. you are the true son of pelden drupa.Congratulations !

  8. ajang_Tawjey says

    i also join our honourable OL to congratulate them and appreciate their unfailing service they served to tsawa sum…though am against their system of keeping one ata(lik servant) after they are trained in armed force instead of letting them serve the country as they are trained in…….

  9. Some Ata enjoy their life when they know the Aum too well. So no worries, Ajang_Tawjey!

  10. Kinley Wangchuk says

    OL sir, Thank you for your support to His Majesty’s Soldiers. You stood for and with us in every issues concerning the the Royal Armed Forces.
    I join u in expressing my congratulations to the Officers on their well deserved promotion.

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