Druk Wangyel

Truly amazing!

The heavens descended on Dochula yesterday. Boddhisattvas and gods, enchanting goddesses and spirits, guardian deities and demons, and Milarepa himself, meditating and levitating in the freezing cold, appeared before the thousands of pilgrims who had gathered to witness the inaugural Druk Wangyel Tsechu.

The tsechu was inspired, guided and supported by Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck to honour the armed forces for their bravery and selfless services in protecting the peace, security and sovereignty of our nation.

Photo credit: “Dochula Druk Wangyel Festival” by Dasho Karma Ura, the festival director who composed and choreographed the dances.


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  1. Motor Mouth says

    this is one of the reasons why i am proud to call myself a Drukpa.

    too bad there are many people out there to discredit whatever good is prevalent in the country.

    sometimes we need such reminders to take us back to what and who we truly are.

    love live the kings. we are truly blessed to be protected, guided and loved by you.

  2. Kelpazangla says

    While appreciating the Mahasidha quality of Dasho Karma Ura and fully respecting the concept, relevance and effort of Dochula Tsechu for the Bhutanese people, the skeptic sights are;
    1) Is it politically and spiritually right to celebrate and remind the citizens of our bordering States on how they lost their kiths and kins in 2003?
    2) How much is the opportunity cost of the investment and expenditure incurred for this half-day event?

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