Our King has spoken

The People's King

Our elders believe that the words of our kings are droplets of gold. They believe that to carry out a king’s command is to undertake a task that’s heavier than a mountain. They also believe that to ignore a king’s command is to waste an opportunity more precious than gold.

Our kings do not say much. But when they do, what they say is important; what they say has far-reaching implications. And what they say is gratefully received, studied and carried out with a sense of great urgency.

Our King has spoken. In his Royal Address, on 17th December, our National Day, His Majesty shared his “deepest concerns” with the nation: that we must strengthen the foundations of our democracy; that we must make education more relevant so that it leads to jobs; that we must step up the fight against corruption; and that we must build a self-reliant, sustainable economy.

Our King has spoken. Now will we, like our elders, accept his command as droplets of gold? Will we, like our elders, receive, study and execute his command, even though they weigh heavier than our mighty mountains? Or will we, unlike our elders, ignore and waste that what’s more precious than gold?


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  1. Good observations, OL. I think if we do not heed the commands of our King specially on corruption and democracy, Bhutan will become no better than our neighbouring countries. We must take the heed and we must do it sincerely and without any politiking and hypocrisy that our current top leaders are doing.

  2. Our King shared his deepest concerns on the future of country, but he also pointed out and appreciated the democratic government on the following, on which we cannot equally let it go un-discussed.

    – Well founding of democracy despite given birth very recent.

    – Enhancing bilateral relations with other countries.

    – Fundamental developments being reached to every nook and corner. It is also highlighted on the success of initiation of domestic airports.

    – The exponential performance of PM and his team for the King, Country and People.

    – The excellent role of media despite just started, but they were also cautioned and reminded to be mindful on the consequence of their action on the country as a whole before they make it public. This has lot of meanings to be concerned for a larger good.

  3. Kelpazangla says

    Another good set of observations, Traaala!

  4. On one hand, His Majesty is asking us to fight corruption but on the other hand, His Majesty is commending upon the job well done by the Prime Minister and his government. We all know that the Prime Minister and his government has done nothing about the biggest corruption case in the history of Bhutan, the multi-billion dollar Bhutan Lottery case. In fact, they are trying to bury it down.

    On the one hand, His Majesty is asking our people to strengthen our democracy, but on the other hand, His Majesty is commending upon the Prime Minister for job well done even though it is everyone’s knowledge that he and his government violated our Constitution and undermined our democracy.

    Next time His Majesty will award a medal to these people. It’s hypocrisy everywhere.

  5. I was surprised to see that Tenzing Lamsang was not given any awards, while that thief was honoured. Say what you want, that guy was a thief, he took someone’s bag and kept it in his bag and only returned it after hearing threatening announcement from the medias. The medias announced that the dollars serial numbers were recorded and the finders won’t be able to use the money. If he was sincere enough he would have returned the money immediately to the police or went to the media himself. Any sane person would not pick someone’s bag and put it in their car. If he found it in the garbage then, I can understand.

  6. Jurme Loday says

    I agree that tenzin amsang should have received a gold medal.

    I heard that our PM recently made a speech in the parliament house of India and he put many people to sleep. Is he losing it? even the art of speaking eloquently that he is known for? I did not watch but I was told by a wellknown Indian that his speech was both long and boring. Anybody any comments on this?


    HM shared his deepect concerns. unlike a command it was so natural and made us feel that we are always being cared by a young King .
    On the democracy concern, it is sad when our people dont dare to lead:
    media reports like”not hungry to lead”
    ” looking for a suitable person to lead” makes us wonder if we are slipping on the rough road ahead.

  8. I do apologize for my harsh words, I think calling him thief was a bit extreme, but I still doubt his intentions. I don’t think he is what the media makes him out to be, a sincere and honest person. You know who the honest people are, lot of taxi drivers, I once forgot my bag with valuables in one of their taxis and the driver took all the trouble in the world to find me and return my things. Yet those people are ignored by the media.

  9. I agree with truth.
    If he is an honest man, he would not have bargained for Nu. 400,000.00 from the Bank manager, who by misfortune dropped the bag.

    Manager had already announced Nu 100,000.00 in the local media as award after he found that the bag had been dropped. However, when the man(thief) called the manager, he asked for Nu. 500,000.00 and later settled for nu. 400,000.00.

    Now, had he been an honest man, he would have agreed with Nu. 100,000.00.

    Poor manager, all his life savings went to this thief. In addition he is been honoured with awards from PM and His majesty.

  10. If what is being said is true, than his medal needs to be taken back immediately. How can we make such a big mistake of honoring a crook, all that is being written points to the fact that the person in question is not honest person he is being made out to be.

    I must however laud the people of the BOB who immediately put out an SOS advising everyone that the dollar bills were marked and that anyone found using them would be apprehended, at the end of the day, I just don’t believe that the bills could have been traced and it was just a cock and bull story which worked.

  11. I too doubt his intensions.For me the following points do not make him honest man:
    1.Why didnt he informed the Police after spotting the bag for hours???
    2.He should not take the bag home??
    3.There must have been lot of people around,why didnt he enquire the people around him??
    and…..But i was shocked to see such people receiving awards and medal…long live such people..oh my Lord!!!!!

  12. The Paro guy did return the money and we all should give him the benefit of the doubt. I think His Majesty took the positives from this act in hopes that it will inspire all Bhutanese to be honest (make it our nature).
    I think the OL should also talk about what His Majesty said about being prepared – should any natural or manmade disasters occur in the future. His Majesty urged our people to follow standards and rules laid down by the government, which also means that the government should bear certain things in their mind while carrying out their work

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