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The Royal Wedding celebrations moved to Paro yesterday. The festivities, which took place on the historic grounds of the Ugyen Pelri Palace, marked the end of the week-long official celebrations and were hosted by Their Majesties the King and Queen especially for the people who had worked to ensure the success of the Royal Wedding.

The Royal Wedding and the accompanying celebrations were indeed a resounding success. And we, the people of Bhutan, owe our gratitude to the hundreds of people who worked round the clock to make them so.

First and foremost, we must thank the Prime Minister, the working committee and the cabinet ministers for a job well done. They were the ones who successfully planned, coordinated and oversaw the once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.

Second, we are extremely grateful to HH the Je Khenpo and the Dratsang for offering prayers throughout the country. They secured the benedictions of the Triple Gem and invoked our Guardian Deities to protect and bless the Royal Couple and the people of Bhutan.

Third, we must acknowledge the important contributions of our civil servants, most of who worked long hours through the many weeks leading up to the celebrations. And during the actual celebrations, instead of joining the festivities, they continued to work, with even director- and secretary-level officers guiding the public and chaperoning guests and dignitaries.

Fourth, we thank our students and their teachers. They organised a wide range of events throughout the country, so that our people, in every district, could take part in the celebrations. And through their innocence, they conveyed the love and affection of the entire country to the Royal Couple.

Fifth, we owe our gratitude to our security forces. The Army, Police and Body Guards worked together to assure law and order, and to maintain the security of our country.

Sixth, we thank the media for spreading the celebrations and keeping our people informed. In particular, we applaud the BBS for taking the sacred ceremonies and colorful festivals in Punakha and Thimphu to every Bhutanese home through their excellent live TV and radio coverage of the celebrations.

Seventh, we are grateful to the many private businesses and corporate agencies who organized activities and released a range of souvenirs and mementos.

And most importantly, we, the people, are deeply grateful to His Majesty the King for giving us a Queen, and for dedicating the Royal Wedding to the people of Bhutan. The celebrations bought the entire nation even closer together and, during the past week, every one of us felt like we belonged to the same big, happy family.

Your Majesties – on behalf of the people of Bhutan: thank you, and tashidelek!


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  1. Yangka Chojay says

    Really thanks..! I was also the one who attain in that historic event in Ugyen Pelri Palace last time. That was very enjoyable and most unforgettable moment for me and all of us as being a Bhutanese.Once more thanks for OL to giving me such a opportunity to jot.


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