Haa tragedy

I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear about the tragedy in Haa that cut short the lives of eleven of our young soldiers and injured ten others. Young Bhutanese men in uniform with their entire lives ahead of them, some with wives and children, laid down their lives while in the service of our nation.

I join all Bhutanese in offering my heartfelt sympathy to the families and loved ones of the victims of the Anakha tradegy. I hope that you can draw some measure of comfort knowing that you are not alone in your grief – that people across our country, and Bhutanese everywhere, pray and mourn with you.

For the families of the injured, please know that we will do whatever possible to restore the health of your loved one. We join you in your prayers for their full and speedy recovery. And, we will be there with you for as long as it takes.

At this time our hearts also go out to all members of our armed forces who risk so much in the service of our nation – who are always ready to risk their own lives so that the rest of us can live in safety and security.

And, at such times, it is always His Majesty the King who is first on the scene, the greatest source of comfort for those in pain, and the provider of welfare to the children and spouses of the victims. We are blessed to have His Majesty at Anakha, offering solace to bereaved families and ensuring that the injured receive the best medical attention. All of us in the government humbly stand by His Majesty the King, our Kidu-Gi-Pham, to serve and do whatsoever is required of us to provide support and comfort to the victims and their families of today’s tragedy.

At a personal level, it pains me deeply that I am not in Bhutan at this moment of tragedy. I will return home as soon as possible but until then my thoughts and my prayers will be with the families of our soldiers who have suffered a terrible fate.


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  1. Hi Mr. PM,
    Your words are a solace to the victims and their families. But, reposing the responsibilities on ‘kidu-gi-Pham’ says that your position as Lyonchhen sounds something different. Besides, be kind enough to read the comment posted on the online Kuensel news. How will you as the Prime Minister remove the venomous hate psyche that has been instilled on Bhutanese citizens?
    The Anakha incident has taken the life of about dozen soldiers but the hate-mongering is destroying the nation. Do something.

  2. We are greatly moved by the sorrow.Thank You Mr.Prime Minister. We aspect something like this in the time of misfortune from your excellency.It at least soothenes our wounds at the time of loss n pains.

  3. Dilli Ram Adhikari says

    I really felt great to see ur concern up on them, may the god and lord always bless you. i really liked ur wishes. love u alys.
    Best wishes for them,for those who lost their life may u rest in peace and for those who are still in critical condition best wishes for ur recovery.

  4. _/\_ RIP . our prayers goes out to the families. All we can do is say a lil prayer and wish it doesnt happen in future.

  5. It is indeed heart grieving to hear of such incidents. Our heart felt condolences to the families of the deceased and prayers for a speedy recovery of the injured. May God give all the families, who are bereaved at this time the strength and courage to withstand the pain. God bless you and stay blessed.

  6. My deepest sympathy to the families and loved ones of the victims of the Anakha tragedy.

  7. We people are always with them…our prayers for them Al’s….RIP

  8. Pleased to read this. Yes we have HM looking into our families of armed forces. The best we Bhutanese can do is contribute to His Majesty’s kidu fund for the welfare of our Bhutanese families in such disasters. Which will go into helping the children continue their education.

  9. Pema Tenzin says

    Thank u pm,
    dats wad we hav expected frm our leader, yes…we all were shocked by the incident but wad to do la things hapened hapens for the reason….now we as a family of small nation we hav to look for possiblities to console the family of victims n do the best tothosr who hav lost their life for our nation n us…may their soul rest Iin peace….om mani pemai hu

  10. It will not be easy for us, as a nation, to forget the bomb blast accident in Haa. For the parents who lose a child; for the spouses who lose a partner; and for the children who lose a parent, every loss is devastating.

    To the families of the victims, we want you to know that our hearts are broken too. There is nothing we can say that will fill the sudden hole torn in your hearts, but we mourn with you; join you in your grief; and add our prayers to yours: Om Mani Padmai Hung _/\_.

    If there’s anything to take away from this tragedy, it is the reminder that our life is fragile and uncertain; that we too will have to leave this world one day. And what matters most is not wealth, or power, or fame -– but rather, what we do on a daily basis to make someone else’s life a little better.

  11. It very important to know what armed force is doing to prevent such tragedy in future. It was also sad that no officers were at site when disaster of such magnitude happened. It is safe to assume that such incident occurred due to lack of coordination as there was no officer to coordinate and command. Such carelessness and indiscipline from senior level or officers have led to loss those soldiers who never see sun again and affected families who will be never same again.

    This armed forces should be answerable to some one because HM as a commander-in-chief has many other things to do. Perhaps, we can have ministry of defense to who armed force should answerable to directly apart from HM. Otherwise corruption, ill-treatment of soldiers and unsupervised incidents are bound to happen…

  12. My deep condolences to the poor victims. It is always the people from remote villages of east and central region who become such victims. It was a divine show of respect and sympathy by all concerned.

    However, it is also quite embarrassing that such incident happened. Lyonchen must therefore ensure that a thorough and independent investigation is done to establish how it happened. If there were lapses, or breach of standard protocols by people involved, they must be made accountable. Preventive measures must be put in place, so that such preventable tragedies do not happen in future.

  13. Saddened but this tragedy but m not happy with the safety arrangement of our leaders. This should b the lesson n u should enable everyone to go back to their home as they have come.cheers mate


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