Another bear cub is rescued

I’ve just learnt that another resident of Haa will be arriving in Taba soon. Pema Tshering, the Forest Ranger in Haa, has just informed me that they’ve rescued another bear cub. This cub was discovered in the Tshaphey Lower Secondary School premises with its back to the wall, defending itself from a pack of dogs. Officials of the Forestry Management Unit arrived literally on time to save the little bear who, I’m told, appears to be fine.

No one knows the whereabouts of the mother bear. So the cub will stay in the Wildlife Management and Rehabilitation Centre in Taba till she’s old enough to be reintroduced in the forest. Remember that the rehabilitation centre already has a resident bear cub, also from Haa. And that I visited that orphan last Sunday.

So I’m already looking forward to seeing the two cubs together. I’ll carry with me some milk and fruit.


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