Another disaster!

Today, on True Bap the blessed rainy day – I join the nation in offering my prayers and support for the victims of the deadly earthquake that struck our eastern dzongkhags yesterday afternoon. BBS and Kuensel have reported loss of lives and extensive damage. The international media has also expressed concern.

Government officials are already at work, contacting the gewogs and accessing the damage. The full extent of the earthquake’s destruction will not be known for sometime. But there’s one important sign of hope: since yesterday evening, no more deaths have been reported.

I am in Dehi, en route to New York, to attend the UN General Assembly.


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  1. Come back!!!

    I am just jokin, Hon’ble OL.

    Heard His Majesty has deployed the gyalpoi zimpon’s team and the Cabinet had a special session.

    Brings some sense of hope and pride in our government.

    But just wondering, can we sack off the Disaster Management Department?

  2. Hon’ble OL!

    I thought you were part of the MoFA delegation. But I read below that you are alone with no one to see you off even.

    Well, being alone is good. You will have time to read and more time to ponder on your future and the future of this country.

    Better be alone than in bad company

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Interestingly international news agencies have faster and better news than even Kuensel or BBS even on an event in the country.
    I wonder how our media are working.
    check out:

  4. Chimi,

    Be specific when you say media. Just because it came the next day on the papers doesn’t mean that the radios were silent.

    In fact it was Kuzoo that broke the news moments after the quake struck. A caller alerted all the listeners. BBS radio came right after. Who really failed was the Disaster Management. Kuzoo alerted the PM Office.

    • Really? thats good to know.
      Kudos to Kuzoo!
      I will be specific. I checked again and again online for kuensel and other websites. no one had any updates. interestingly some personal blogs and facebook had more information than kuenselonline. By the way, since I am away thats the only access I have.
      thanks for the clarification.

  5. Linda wangmo says

    Why is Ol singled out of the Media. Instead of Ol if its the Prime Minister who is attending the UN general assembly, it would be an headline in the news. Uffff never mind I guess BBS is listening to what our Tshogpon said.

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