Another tragedy

There’s been another tragedy, this time from Wangduephodrang. A Class 11 student was swept away by the Punasthangchu. He and his friends had gone to the river to escape the mid-day heat.  Officials and volunteers have not yet been able to recover the young student’s body.


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  1. Also see – Lobxang’s anger!

    At the end of the day, it is simply a reflection of our state of development and the kind of infrastructure and rescue system that we are so so much behind.

    A very simple case in point – last November, at the height of summer and torrential monsoon showers, the whole of the state of Queensland, Australia was inundated. There were several hundreds of incidents were common people were caught off-guard. And just like the incident here, young teenagers found themselves in the middle of rapidly rising rivers. However, throughout the whole summer months’ monsoon melodrama, what stood out was a string of brave, competent, professional and swift successful rescues!

    This is not to put Bhutan on an equal footing with an industralised nation like Australia; and I agree with Lobxang’s comments. It’s not about being judgmental or providing a commentary from the comfort of one’s safe environs. Rather it’s about some sort of an awakening, about what a nation needs to do, about the need to set things in order and to start “beginning” somewhere. And above all, it is also about not continuing to bask in the concocted glory of ignorance that we Bhutanese are so accustomed to!

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