Brand Bhutan?

Branding matters. Our country is seen as Shangri-la; our environment pristine; and our people preoccupied with GNH. We enjoy a premium brand.

But what’s happening to the environment in Shangri-la is definitely not GNH.

I took this photograph of Thimphu on my way to work this morning. What we breathe is not good for our health. And not good for our image.

Branding is difficult. And expensive. Let’s protect what we have.


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  1. Is that pollution air? wow! i always think that the sky is the bluest back home.
    We definately have to be more proactive is keeping our cities clean and green. IT shouldn’t be that hard.

  2. hi tchoden
    blame it on the DPT gove and lick OL’s a$$ alike u always do…but careful too…..

  3. te

  4. It is interesting to see our OL say that…….maybe the question should have been directed to people who really do contribute to the pollution…, Singay group for Bjimina, all the industries in pasakha (that small boy who got his hands burnt because of BCCL chemical waste????), our ministers love for big cars, …the list goes one.

    So, what is the point is bringing this topic here for common non polluter people like us? I would appreciate if you name few industries that contribute to this polltion…but you never mention names….why?

  5. I went to Thimphu last year after years of staying abroad….the first thing i notice is that zic zac road just below Tandin Nay. The first thing that came to my mide is….how the hell did this work get environment clearance………would our OL like to add something on this?

  6. Dorji Wangchuk says

    I also learnt today that we are generating a huge amount of solid waste. Figures I never expected.
    25 million kgs of organic waste, 1.53 billion of A4 size paper, 5.5 million of plastic – everything in a year.

    At this rate, Bhutan will become the most beautiful landfill.

  7. woo!! anonymous 1, people like you really make me lose faith in humanity!

  8. @ ol, it looks like morning mist to me…..
    but the landfill site at memelakha is shocking. maybe you could pay it a visit and share your thoughts on that. the guy who is the “caretaker” of the landfill site said that there must be 4000 dogs in that place..and not the pound dogs, these are wild dogs. i know he may be exaggerating a bit, but if u go there and take a look, its easy to believe. There is a signboard at the entry point that says something about that area being a toxic hazard, so do not enter. and then there are people living there, among the stench and flies. they apparently are the “chowkidaars”. i met one family, mom dad, son, pregnant daughter in law, class 9 daughter…..they say that there are white worms in the water, that the stench and flies are so bad in summer that they can barely survive.
    and thinking about the leaching toxins, the garbage mountain… takes my breath away, quite literally. the government keeps ignoring the problem, many people dont even know about the site. really, do u care where that japanese truck dumps all the garbage u give them twice every week?
    we could all get smarter, learn to segregate waste…but first the govt should make plans on recycling, proper disposal…i mean what is the point in segregation if everything is dumped in memelakha for the cows to chew on and die?

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