Construction waste

This afternoon, while travelling to Punakha, I saw garbage dumped below the highway at several places about 10 kilometers from Thimphu. The waste, which was obviously from a construction site, had been transported by truck and dumped in the forest near Memelakha.


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  1. Anonymous says

    So what shall we do??? Just bring this to the public’s notice and do nothing?
    what are we upto???

  2. Anonymous says

    Garbage and irresponsibility. Who is monitoring?

    But I want to draw your attention to another garbage that is becoming PDP. Sir, as good as you are, your presidency of the PDP will not bode well for the party, again. Don’t be beguiled by the few followers on this blog. Honestly, you may be smart, but you lack likability – so as president of PDP, you are a risk to the party. Again. And do away with the likes of Sonam Jatsho. Who likes pompous asses? – that is the whole problem with PDP, the first time around. And stop using pompous businessmen as your chamchas – that turned a lot of people away. This is not an archery match. You need strategy, and you need to convince the voters.

    So, you need a good father/mother figure who is strong on integrity and can even be liked by other parties. Focus on the positive, but PDP seriously needs a magnanimous leader. Damcho cannot fill that role either – he is too soft. But look around you will find one, I am sure.

  3. So what shall we do with such acts of irresponsible so called PALDEN DRUK GHI MESER. You as Hon’ble Dhockchok Ghothrib, what is your suggestions and views Sir?

  4. Anonymous says

    OL, you are absolutely right but who’s responsibility is it? everyone points to government – but despite teaching in schools and having clean up days and environmental clubs, students go home and see their parents behaviour.
    Even in Thimphu, where there is municipal waste regs, I say policeman throwing rubbish and I pointed out to him. You can only guess his response. In other countries police are supposed to set example for society!
    And at VTI Kuruthang they are just finishing construction of a slab for their basketball court and empty cement bags are seem blowing into the river and caught on the fence! so if these people are not taught how to dispose properly then who will?
    Bhutan’s pristine environment?! no one seems to care or see beyond the end of the week, never mind to the next generation. It is all words for the press and action for the TV. No true belief or commitment exists.
    Sad but true

  5. Anonymous says

    I don’t know what you are trying to achive through this blog. You never propose solution, only highlight what average bhutanese see in their daily lives, but live with it because of fear. Are you trying to say that you never had to face this problems because you are not one of the average Bhutanese?The fact in Bhutan is that law makers. the movers and shakers are all from well to do family (incuding yourself). They never know what the reality is. The people you hang out with (singay groups for example) are the ones you need to be telling about this garbages because they are the ones who misuses Bhutan’s natural resources like they own it. Untill you have the guts to raise such questions to your dear freinds, you sound hypocrite to me. There are many good qualities in you, but you don’t have the ball!

  6. Anonymous says

    If you want to be objective on the issues you raise here, why don’t you ask the NC why they didn’t pass the Waste Management Bill during the last Parliamentary session? Even if people wants to take action on such irresponsible acts like dumping construction waste, they don’t have the legal backing in the absence of the Act.

  7. Anonymous says

    MoWHS is in the process of doing one more solid waste survey…i wonder what became of last years survey report and what would become of this year’s survey? I think the public and the concerned organization need to join hands in managing our waste…without this institutional set up, a single organization cannot solve this problem because each one of is associated with our waste…let us all help find solution instead of waiting for solution which will never happen…

  8. Anonymous says

    Dear Readers

    The only and one soloution to this is give the job of sanitation to a private company. we have lot of employment problem and we can achive this goal but mind you like the parking fee system the government should not try to be greedy by taking too much money from the private company but instead help them out. if given to a private company the city or the country would look much cleaner. I am ready to cleean up some of the trekking routes if I am being paid a little by the travel agents at the same time my job would be to educate the guides.

  9. The above posted comment… i.e. “(I don’t know what you are trying to achive through this blog. You never propose solution…..but you don’t have the ball)”, is what you narrow minded guys think…. which means you are not loyal and true to yourself, forget about King, Country, and Bhutanese… i think OL with good intention to bring out the facts built his own blog, so that guys like you can hear what is going around and what is happening… it is a good example and i would request other people like ministers and high level officials, to follow and do like OL… Thanks to you OL… Never mind keep on writing and giving news for we will be able to know the facts la…
    Good job and keep it up la… People will say anything, never mind they will understand some day…

  10. to those readers – yes MoWHS did survey last year and even we held conference to try and share ideas and solutions
    PM invited himself to closing session and replaced the chief guest – but he failed to give support – instead being hypocrite by saying instead we should ban all imports which are cause of pollution (drinks bottles, wrapping of electrical items etc) yet he also said waste management was ‘close to his heart’ and this is why the act is delayed as the scope has changed on his instruction.
    For more than 2 years MoWHS has action plan, but no budget – PMs words were ‘any action plan that needs money is a wrong plan’ (I paraphrase slightly)

    I was so angry I left immediately after closing -what kind of example is this – he just caused delay to ongoing activities, diverted scope of goals, gave conflicting indications of level of government and personal interest. OL – I know you don’t like people to attack PM without basis – but all I have said is fact and not my opinion.

    I am still angry recollecting his closing remarks (hour long speech)

    I’m not saying everything MoWHS is perfect – but let’s at least have some consistency from the leaders of the country and money to back the mouth.

    With no political will, how can NEC or anyone else enforce the rules that are on paper. Without their sincere and unequivocal (not mixed messages and double standards) support how can we expect small people (environment inspectors) to walk onto construction site and demand clean up? They are not empowered and they know they will be ‘hung out to dry’ if they try and enforce

  11. for those intrested – MoWHS, DUDES, UISD has proceedings from conference – or I think there is link on website (DUDH)

    It was stressed that this was conference where different stakeholders could network and hopefully make connections. As Anon and Anon said -it needs linking of hands

    But without guidance from RGoB (rules and regs), incentive (financial, preferential loans etc) where should they start?

    So though it was good to have conference – only where there were active individuals did they develop their own connections with other organisations.

  12. our laws on waste disposal are not strong enough, and the national assembly would discuss patangs and pay hike for dungtshos, but no waste management laws. we neeed an agency to track down who is doing the dumping, and fine them.

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