First fire

This forest fire, above YHS and Tandin Nye, was the Thimphu’s first this winter. Thankfully, it was put out quickly.


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  1. I think all of us should inform the Fire Dep. as soon as we see hint of forest fire. The weather in Thimphu is such that its easy to burn on tree down but it takes years for one to grow.

  2. does anyone know what happened to last years initiative for volunteer fire fighters?
    was it successful or just another failed publicity stunt?

  3. think tchoden should shut up for once ..
    lose faith in humanity and go into hibernation!leave us in peace.
    you are just have comments for everything wonder girls are chatterbox.

  4. Thanks to forest personal and to all those involved in the scene to suppress the fire on time.

    Forest fire has a strong repercussion on our intact environment. So prevent forest fire before it deserts us.

  5. i think the Tandin Nay deity was is showing some sign of anger at all these appalling road construction on that mountain just below the nay.

    anyone here know anything aout the road… who is build that road and for what??? i wouldn’t be surprised if we see a hotel (resort) in few years time…..all commercial…and they preach GNH….ha ha ha

  6. Thank you anonymous 2. You’re far to kind to go though what i write, i am flattered.

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