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what we like

We’re in Punakha, back from Gasa. And other than the heart wrenching sight of the damaged tshachu, our hot springs, the quick trip to Gasa was most wonderful.

Gasa’s famous tshachu, a truly national heritage that, over many centuries, has provided hope to countless ailing patients and rest for weary travelers, is no more. On 26th May, the Mochu changed its course, towards the hot springs, and washed away all the ponds, three shops and a lot of the embankment. Local people and Dzongkhag officials have already tried to locate the springs. But so far, they have not been able to find them.

The good news, however, is that about a year after the last big flood, about fifty years ago, when the tshachu then had also been totally damaged, our people were able to locate the source of the hot springs and redevelop the site. The same must still be possible.

The good news is that, just above the guest houses, there’s a small pond, created by gurgling water. The water is only lukewarm. But dig a few metres and we already may have the possibility to develop a tshachu pond immediately.

And the good news is that tour operators and our government have already indicated their commitment to redevelop the Gasa tshachu. So the recent floods may actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise, an opportunity to develop the tshachu as a “model” destination for our other hot springs. This, in fact, is just what our tourism sector has been trying to do for a long time.

This was my first trip to Gasa. So I still haven’t enjoyed the hot springs there. But we got to do the next best thing: benefit from a hot stone bath in moenchu, medicinal mineral water.



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  1. Yes, it is a blessing. Tourism Council and ABTO will now have the opportunity to convert this into a SPA haven and generate revenue to Gasa Dzongkhag as well as the government. I am looking forward to a quick research jointly by the concerned stake holders and take advantage of this blessing. We have to ofcourse find the outlet first. So we pray.

    • Well, Romeo I just got news from Gasa that the river has subsided and the hot springs have emerged once again – as hot as ever. Now we need to re-construct it again with a new concept and may be even more eco-friendly. But where is the budget is my greatest concern.

      • I guess you are Dasho Damcho from Gasa. Please approach Tourism Council for such a fund. I am sure the Director general of TCB will be more than happy to have such a discussion with you. He is very proactive and will come up with brilliant ideas to revamp that hot spring into a Spa haven and also come up with ideas to garner BUDGET. As long as the proposal is sound – the budget is a piece of cake for certain sectors.

      • Traveler says

        I agree with Romeo that the concerned people should work with Tourism Council.May be with SNV and also Helvetas who can facilitate such projects.

        I heard that helvetas is funding gasa tsachu too which is very very very far away north of central Bhutan. Gasa is an ideal project for a health and wellness area for Bhutan. This is your chance “Gasa MP” and “Gasa People” to come out with some creative projects to attract interest and funding. If you fail to work on this – then you ahve failed as MP of Gasa to take this oppoortunity. It knocks only once – so get moving. By the way what is our Gasa NC doing. Is he too young and too ignorant to not be bothered by this flooding in his Dzongkhag. Come on kid….wake up and team up with gasa MP and teh Dzongda if need be to get working on this wonderful lifetime opportunity.

  2. Too bad, OL, that you didn’t expereince the bliss of soaking in the hotspring baths before they got washed away. Good that you went to assess the damage and help raise awareness on the need for a better-planned, better managed, better used facility in future.

  3. Gasa Resident says

    Dasho Damcho la,

    There are many good suggestions given by previous writers about the possibility of re-doing Gasa tsachu into a SPA idea which I think is totally cool. Have you, as the honourable MP of Gasa made any progress yet to discuss with the government or with Tourism Department to initiate this work. We know things move quite slowly with the government agencies but YOU and the relevant officer of the people of Gasa have to make the move first.

    We will wait to see how fast you move on this and make progress.

    Hon’ OL – Please pass this message to Dasho Damcho. Thank you.

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